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The White House

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Is Go Time

Yesterday was an early one and we don't do early in the summer. Grabbed a small coffee for myself and hot chocolate for Olivia also something I don't do. Too expensive! It was 51* but felt a lot colder. Probably because we were so sleepy.

Olivia had an eye appointment. She has a little improvement, but not enough. Wish she didn't have to go through all this treatment and that eye would fix itself quicker!

We stopped at Fred Meyer. I needed a new pair of garden gloves. Wore the first ones through already this summer.

For Tink....put some gas in Nick's car (mine in gone to Wasilla). He takes the Super Unleaded....$3.69. Makes me ill.

Emily and I picked rose petals for jelly.

Olivia and Lucas came out to help. Lucas got new underwear. The little things in life make him so happy and he wasn't putting them down.

Petals washed and drying.

Boiled and strained. Saved the juice to make the jelly today so those photos to follow in a new post tonight.

Nick and Prakash finished cleaning the pond for me. My knees are toast with this ever changing weather. It's been nice then stormy then nice again. All that pressure caused my knees to flare-up and swell. It was a 4-hour project and they never complained. They are both so helpful.

Olivia and I picked dandelions for more jelly, but then had to go down to the park as their weren't enough in my yard.

The petals had to be separated from the green part. This was about ten times as many as I needed! Guess I did have enough in the yard. Let the petals steep over night.

Not sure what was up with the photos...took one of the toasted bread, but then forgot to show you the salmon spread that went on them for our appetizers. It was followed by steak and Parmesan Pasta. We were going to have a salad, too, but it would have been way too much food!

We then spent the rest of the evening hanging out in the yard with Lucas and Emily. (Olivia had fallen asleep from being up so early). Lucas was sneaking up on a chicken!

He seemed to think since the pool was clean that he would slide. Nope.

When Dad and Lucas went to bed I took the girls for a 4-wheeler ride down to Mary's house. She picked me a nice bouquet from her huge lilac bush. When we came back Dave stopped by and we watched a movie with the kids until 1:30am! How I lasted is beyond me and I was back up and at 'em at 9:00am. Summer is GO time!


Janie said...

Must be hard to rest with all the kids around.
I have plenty of dandelions. Wish I could send you some!

Mama Bean said...

Can you please email me the recipe/directions for the rose petal jelly? We have a huge rose bush in our front yard, and I'd love to use all the pretty yellow petals for something unique...

gpc said...

I've never had either rose petal or dandelion jelly -- I'd love to make some. Would you share the recipe? Thanks!

Tink *~*~* said...

Just dropping in to see how the chickens are coming along and I saw the gasoline shout-out to me. All I can say is, OMG! That's insane. Even for NY that would be insane!