The White House

The White House

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In A Cleaning Mode

First thing this morning I went out to see how the chicks fared for the night. Everyone was doing great.

I had little Lukey hands helping me with chores this morning.

While I have plants to plant I just couldn't take the crap all over my yard anymore. The toys I can live with. There will come a day when I will no longer need them and that will be sad, but they can be picked up neating. Or at least behind the house when they can't be seen by the passing cars. And the trash...don't even get me going on that.

It seems Mr. White puts stuff all around my greenhouse. Shoot, all around my yard for that matter. Clutter and crap doesn't seem to bother him, but it is causing me this huge amount of unnecessary stress. It seems wherever I go something is in my way. I also work too damn hard on my gardens to have this crap cluttering it.

These three guys helped me out and we got most of it moved before we had to go into town for soccer.

We took it all and piled it next to his overflowing 20-foot trailer. This photo is for you Chris. We all know the real reason he has to work so hard and has no time at home, but he really needs to learn to put his things away when he's done using them. I can't wait until he can put his shop up so it can all hide in there, but I know realistically that is going to be years from now. Things don't happen very quickly around here. So for now I'm piling everything in one spot. He has until the snow starts spitting to go through it and then I will. He won't like that. I'm in one-way-to-the-dumpster mode! LOL
I spent an hour just cleaning the greenhouse that seems to have become a catch all. AGAIN. I'm getting a lock to keep everyone out! This is how a greenhouse should look. Well, with the roofing on the roof and siding and the center bed done and plants growing...ahhh, what I meant was clean. Clean and organized.

The rain made my lawn like a jungle. Well, except for the brown spots I still need to reseed. I mowed the front yard, but didn't weed whack. I'll do that tomorrow.

(I think my finger was over the lens). After mowing the front I went out to do the ditch and decided to make the flower bed first. I am smart enough to know that you use two stakes and a string to make a straight line, but you saw how my husband puts stuff away. I would have spent an hour looking for it so I used an extension cord. It was working great, but then I had to leave to coach soccer for Lucas. Unfortunately, I left my camera when I changed. There was a torrential downpour at the fields right up to practice. I swear we were standing in two inches of water, but the little ones had so much fun running around. They are so cute.

I completely forgot to show you the planters I planted yesterday. There are ten of them. These are the ones that I don't know where to put! I also have nine of the little colored buckets.

There are six of the watering cans.

My garden area looks so much better. I ran the too heavy garden hose down the line between the gravel and the "grass" to leave permanently. Eventually I would like to bury a water line. I can't do anything about the black cable. That's the electric cable that Nick, Cody and I buried two years ago. It's still waiting for my hubby to wire. Now I just need to have Nick pack those plants over to the corner of the pool. I am going to use the fence as a support for them. Can't do that until a fence is put up on the inside to keep Daisy from eating them. All in good time.
These two even helped clean up. Olivia's tummy still doesn't feel good. She goes in spurts of good and bad all day long.

I ended my evening spending some time with the chicks while Dad, Emily, Olivia and Lucas watched a movie.

These three sure stick close to each other. The make shift shelter is working great. They go in and out staying dry. It will be fine until the chicken coup is finished.

If I could sit here all day I would. It is so peaceful to watch them scratch and hop around. Their peeping is music to my ears. Way more entertaining than a movie!


FlowerLady said...

Great clean up job Gayle. You have so much energy. It's amazing what picking up, moving and rearranging can do for an area. Your containers of plants are going to look great as usual.

Enjoy your time with the chicks. I think they would be peaceful to be around also.

Have a nice day and take a bit of time off for yourself, even if it's sitting with your chicks again.


Lori Skoog said...

The human dynamo. You accomplished and enormous amount! I can't stand have a lot of junk around either.

Janie said...

The yard looks great, all cleaned up. LOoks like the chicks are well protected from above, as well as fenced in.

Bonnie said...

My husband is the exact SAME way. I now understand that he just doesn't stress about it but when I am busy with the kids it's hard to to get upset when you cannot find something.

LOVE LOVE Lucas's haircut.