The White House

The White House

Friday, June 11, 2010

Four Year Old Kids Are So Cute!

First thing this morning I worked in the yard for 1.5 hours turning some of the compost and making the mulch for my flower gardens. When Emily got up I went in to make our jelly. Here's the rose petal juice. I love the reaction when you add the lemon juice.

Added the sugar and brought to a boil.

The dandelion petals steeped all night and were drained this morning.

I made the first four jars of Dandelion Jelly and Emily made the second four. It made me smile to see her stirring this pot. It is the very same pot I made Tapioca Pudding for my dad in when I was very little. I had to sit up on a tall stool to see to stir. I love this pot.

We finished with eight 8-ounce jars of Dandelion Jelly and four jars of Rose Petal Jelly (or liquid gold as I refer to it for the work it takes!).

Some of my lilies. The first and third smell incredible.

Emily and I spent a little mother-daughter time in the garden today just talking. It was wonderful! Hard for us to do with so many other kids around. Today, I was teaching her about thinning plants and identifying the weeds. It wasn't such a chore with company.

Lucas had his second soccer game today, and I must say my team did much better. They are so cute and you don't realize just how tiny and fragile (and clueless) 4-year olds are until you have them play a team sport like soccer. They cheer about the oddest things and say the funniest stuff. I'm actually enjoying myself, but don't tell anyone or they'll want me to do it again!

That's Lucas in orange going for the goal. No he did not make it. He did make one later on, for the other team, and was pretty darn happy about it. So was I. :)

And finally....Mr. White whipped up steak and fries for a late dinner while we watched my favorite (Sandra Bullock) in The Blind Side. I know, I know...I should have been working in the garden planting the last of the flowers, but it was raining. At least I had an excuse!


FlowerLady said...

Good morning Gayle ~ Your jars of jelly look wonderful! I am planning to try making some freezer jam soon. I've never done any canning at all. I never was around anyone doing it either. Enjoy!

It's great that you and Emily worked on the jelly together and later were out in the gardens together. Those are precious moments for both of you.

How cute Lucas is. That is so funny about his being happy when he made a goal for the other team. Making the goal made him feel great regardless of which team he made it for. I would be happy for him too.

Nice of hubby to fix steak and fries too, dinner looks yummy.

Have a great day today.


Bonnie said...

It's nice to spend one on one time isn't it. I love when I get a few moments to my 7 yr old though he would rather be with his Dad...maybe the Karate Kid at the theatre will make him like me more..haha.

Love the Blind Side too and love Sandra Bullock. Some of the lines in that movie make my eyes water.

Janie said...

That's great. Only a 4 year old could celebrate being happy about making a goal for the other team.
Sounds like you were a good sport about it.
4 year olds are so cute.

Tootie said...

I've enjoyed my time, catching up a few days on your blog. :) The jellies look great! Your lilies are beautiful. You go girl! Dad's steak and fries looks good too!!!

Patty said...

I loved the Blind Side! The steak and fries look great too...(I havent had breakfast yet!). Good job on the jelly! Havent tried those, although I have made Rhubarb jelly before.