The White House

The White House

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Laid Back Day

Nothing new to the morning...fed the animals and these two went straight for the pool. How Lucas keeps ending up in this shirt is beyond me. Sure wish it was sunny.

Took the girls for a 4-wheeler ride. A total of 7 dogs came after us. I wish people would respect the leash laws of the borough. You can't go anywhere in this subdivision without running into loose dogs.

The last lily is blooming and smells wonderful. I'd like to grow a nice big bed full of these. They're just so beautiful.

The peas and lettuce are taking off. They seem to like the cool weather. I, on-the-other-hand, do not.

I wish I had planted more spinach. It's so good.

After dinner I took the kids out again. There were laughing so hard going up this bumpy hill. We rode about 8 miles tonight.

We saw this funky piece of artwork. It has a long tail that curls around to the right.

We took a drive up to the Parks Monument to get a better look at the new fire that has started. Lucky for us the wind is pushing the smoke around my house. Not so lucky for Fairbanks as the valley is filled with smoke. A Fairbanks Daily News-Miner article says it is about 3-acres. Looking at the photo I would guess it has grown quite a bit since that assessment. It is on military land and there is no plan to fight it at this point. Sure makes it horrible breathing conditions in town.

A series of shots with the fire being in the first photo.

We took the kids to town for milkshakes. Anything to avoid working around the yard! :) Silly kids each sat in their own row.

Tonight was the Midnight Sun Run. I believe it is 6 miles long. We've walked it quite a few years, but last year we were just spectators. I asked Emily and she just wanted to stay home this year so we did. Then at 10:30pm (the race started at 9:00pm), after over hearing Dad and I talking about it, she tells me she wanted to run in it. Obviously she was not paying attention to what I was asking her earlier in the day. It's a bummer because I would have gladly walked with her. Next time she will listen more closely. We'll do it together for sure next summer!


Tink *~*~* said...

Yup, the leafy ones love the cooler weather. I have always been fascinated that you can snip them to have a salad and they grow right back. Not sure spinach works that way, but lettuce for sure.

Love that sculpture - reminds me of the dragons that snake their way through Chinatown during Chinese New Year.


patty said...

I love Lily's too...just wish they would last longer, or at least re-bloom. Great pics.

Janie said...

It's great to have a play day once in a while. Love the name of the Midnight Sun Run.
Riding in the 4 wheeler looks like fun!