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The White House

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Honey.

Fate brought our families together when we all needed each other the most. Homer has been the most amazing father to our children. He's always been there supporting everything they do. His love is strong and his heart is big. We have eight children who have been very fortunate to call this great man Dad. No matter the adversity this family faced, the pain others have inflicted or the drama that would befall us he has always remained positive and protective of our home. Every day I am thankful he is setting the examples for these children. If they grow to be half the man their dad is they will be perfect in every way.

I have spent half the day going through photos and could has shared 100's more, but the reality is this great man brought me home another load of dirt and I need to get shovelling! :)

In the suburban; Christmas at Chatanika

Holding Olivia; Syd's 8th birthday;

Easter; Andrew's 15th birthday; Mother's Day; 8th Grade Graduation; 6th Grade Graduation; 4th of July; Olivia's 1st Birthday; Sydney's 9th Birthday; Christmas

Fishing; 4th of July; Elijah's 11th Birthday; Halloween; Sydney's 10th Birthday; Christmas


8th Grade Graduation; Father's Day; creating the front yard; Midnight Sun Run; Olivia's 3rd Birthday' Christmastime



Thank you Homer for being the wonderful Dad that you are.


Lori Skoog said...

What a beautiful tribute to Homer...

FlowerLady said...

I am smiling here. Love is evident in all the pictures.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

your family is blessed. He's invested and involved and good looking is a plus....

Bonnie said...

Great pics!! Loved seeing your kids at a younger age. Olivia was adorable in her baby years!!!!!!!!!!

Patty said...


Tara is: said...

Happy Belated Father's Day, Homer!! I pray ya'll had a great one and that you feel loved and appreciated every day, but especially on Daddy's Day :)

RottenMom said...

You have an amazing man there Gayle.

Tootie said...

You are blessed. :) Even in rough times, you have a wonderful family to lift you back up. I think you and Homer work way too hard and need to give yourselves more of a break. You two are the glue that's holding the family together, so be kind to yourselves too. :) You both deserve the best.

Janie said...

Those are great family photos. Many happy memories there, I'm sure.