The White House

The White House

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ho-Hum It's Raining

Pretty uneventful day yesterday. Barely took any photos. It was raining and rainy weather makes me kind of ho-hum. Could you imagine if I lived where it rains all the time?

The spinach bolted so I have to use it up. Last night I made spinach topped baked tomatoes and a spinach casserole. The tomatoes were awesome and I was surprised that I liked the casserole. I'm not a hot dish kind of person. Or I should say, I wasn't, but am becoming one.

Lucas had his last soccer game in the rain. So many kids and teams didn't show. I only had 3 players. We combined with three other teams to play a little scrimmage. I loved it because I got to watch for once and let the other coaches run most of the game. Lucas even scored a goal. I didn't realize just how cute he was out there since I'm always running along with him.

Another gloomy day and I have zero motivation. Frustrated that my crock pot has disappeared. Dad is picking one up for me now and our spinach dip appetizer will be a late snack.


Janie said...

The spinach dishes look tasty!
I like rainy days. They're kind of de-motivating, but that's okay. Good excuse to do something indoors.

Corey~living and loving said...

ugh is depressing, isn't it. sigh...

Snowbird said...

These pics remind me of when my granddaughter started playing soccer at age 5. So cute. Her first uniform was an electric orange. The parents called them the Pylons.