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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ruby Tuesday and Then Some

I'm going to start things off with Ruby Tuesday...then I'll follow with my regular blogging if you are interested. Last night I discovered that I have a whole bunch of radishes ready to roll. I did a quick Internet search and found "Radish Chips". They were hot and good. Dad and I were thinking they would go really good with crackers and smoked salmon. Mmmmm.

If you want to see lots of red check out Ruby Tuesday here!

Now on with the rest of my post....

Want to go from your happy place to frustrated and pissed off quickly? Restring your weed whacker. Enough said on that.

After way too many hours I finally got the yard and ditch whacked and mowed. Looks so much better now.

My Hensa Roses are going crazy. They smell divine! The Johnny Jump-Ups under the Lilac bush are getting huge.

The Striped Marvel Marigolds are starting to pop open. Wish you could get a better feel for just how many there are. Oh, and the Schizanthus that I fretted about this winter and wanted to throw out finally popped out a little butterfly. Olivia loves them so I'm glad I kept them.

My very sad Dianthus plants are giving a few beautiful flowers. Another is all white and one a deep red. I thought I had killed all the pansies, but apparently there are a few left.

This little tiny plant produced a cute little monkey flower. Where is it that they talk...Alice in Wonderland? I want to show Olivia, but I'm not sure what movie is was.

The Impatiens are producing a few flowers here and there, but not like I had hoped. Maybe it will get better in time. The petunias should take off any day now. I wish the yard was more full of color. It always seems they bloom just in time to freeze!

These are odd...Fireball Marigolds. When they first bloomed the petals were laced with fire red and then as they got bigger it has almost faded away. I'll try to get a close up of one when it first blooms.

Dad and the Wee People went off to bed and I spent some quiet time in the yard. I love to be out here between 11:00 and 1:00am. The traffic has died down and all I hear is the waterfall and a few birds. It is really peaceful.

The new grass outside the pen on the corner is doing great. It looks so much better than the wild look from last year.

Look who sits right in my lap and falls asleep. She really likes to be held and I wonder what will happen when she gets big. Will she still want to sit in my lap? A few of the black tipped feathers are starting to emerge. What a pretty turkey this is going to be.

While I held my turkey these little stinkers untied my shoes. They are right on my feet wherever I go. I just love all my birds. It's amazing how much enjoyment I get from chickens and turkeys.

The sky was amazingly beautiful tonight.

Janie has a lab named Daisy who looks just like my Roscoe. Daisy is fortunate because she gets to go on very long runs while her owners are on horse back. Janie figures Roscoe would be a lot more mellow if he had the opportunity to run. I can't let him loose as he has no training/manners at all and would destroy my gardens so he just doesn't get to run. Janie got me to thinking and tonight I tied him to the 4-wheeler and attempted a run. Guess what? It worked! The first trip was one mile and the second was 1.5 miles. I'll have to ease him into as he is two years old and never really exercised, but I can tell it is going to make a huge difference in being able to manage him. we are at almost 2am on a beautiful Alaskan night. Time to hit the shower and bed.


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Now, first off, I've not heard of radish chips, but I love radishes!! These would be good with a sandwich I'm sure...and maybe even an added crunch to a tossed salad!! Will have to try them.

Love, love, love the pristine yard you so beautiful.

My Tuesday Post

Lori Skoog said...

Fabulous! Your gardens are looking spectacular, as is your yard. Happy to read that you figured out how to exercise Roscoe...he will really appreciate it. Just don't go very fast.

I'm glad you get a chance to enjoy your place, even if it is late at night. You certainly work your butt off all day!

Tara is: said...

It is Alice in Wonderland, Gayle! Show it to her, she will LOVE it! It is my very favorite movie ever :)

I love all your flowers. I wish I had the space, time, patience to do it, too. Hopefully when the babies get bigger.

The yard looks amazing!!

Manang Kim said...

My first time to visit your blog. I so love your front yard, and your flower bed are awesome!! Happy Tuesday!

RT~Fiesta Hollyhock

Christine said...

I'm so glad to have discovered your blog and have already read a bunch of your posts. Thanks for visiting mine. See you next Ruby Tuesday!

Christine said...

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog because it took me to yours. I've already read a bunch of your very enjoyable posts and look forward to reading more.
Thanks for the visit! "See" you next Ruby Tuesday.

Janie said...

I'm glad to hear a good run helped Roscoe's attitude!
The radish chips look delish, Gayle.
I'm with you on the weed whacker restringing frustration. I hate that. It never works right.
Your garden is looking beautiful. All of your hard work is showing fine results.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Those radish chips look interesting.... and with some crackers and salmon... Hmmm..... Yum!!??

Your gardens are looking FAB. I've been absent for a while. Busy here, but lurking in the background. Can't seem to find the time to blog and not sure anyone wants to hear it....

Wishing you many happy daylight/nighttime hours!!!! I'll be "lurking" around....

gpc said...

Your yard looks fantastic!