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The White House

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's 40 Below and We Have a New Team!

Last night we relaxed on the couch with Rusty. I have absolutely no idea why my husband gave me the Spock "Live long and Prosper" sign, but he did. Then there's my son who rubber-banded the phone to his head so he could talk to his girl friend and play Call of Duty at the same time. They are both weird. They get along unbelievably well. They have lots of inside jokes, and guess what? I don't want to get them!

On tonight's menu: stuffed pork chops and roasted vegetables

Dad's plate...salad with Italian dressing, stuffed pork chop, broccoli and cheddar rice, roasted tomatoes, onions and carrots with a biscuit. The kids had fried pork chops, but I forgot to take a photo.

Roscoe, Ruby and Roxie. Sally was off at the breeders. It didn't go so well as she was very uncooperative. We're supposed to be trying again tomorrow.

Last night's sun set. I totally missed it all tonight while fixing dinner.

11:47pm and -19.7. Yuck. It's about -35 in town. It was -40 at Gold Hill when we stopped to get Popsicles for the little ones on our way home from basketball. Don't Alaskans eat more ice cream per person per capita than any other state? I think so.

First we picked up Forrest, then we picked up Scooter and then we drove out to North Pole Elementary for a basketball game. Then we did it in reverse. Nothing like a 50-some mile outing at 40 below! The boys these days really like to express themselves. They think this is "cool". Really? Red shirt, blue shorts, yellow socks and purple wrist band. I think I can hear the whispers of the other parents! LOL (He did score 11 points and they did win 47-21 so I guess it's okay).

I borrowed Nick's new video camera and took some really crappy video. Then I converted it to a format I could edit and uploaded it here. This is just a 5-second clip on Elijah scoring. No need to bore you with anything longer! :) We got Nick the Sanyo Xacti for Christmas. It's a waterproof (to 5ft.) HD recorder. Light to hold and decent footage, but awkward to zoom in and out for my old hands. It's a "one-handed" camera, and my old body needs to use both arms (I was really shaky). I think it will be awesome for him.

I've got my nights and days all messed up from Christmas Break. So do the little ones. It's now 12:33 am and both Olivia and Nick are up with me. (Nick doesn't go to school tomorrow; just online courses which he can do on his own schedule). Last night I watched a movie until 2:30am, woke up at 6:00am, got Elijah off to school, stoked the fire, read the paper and then dozed by the heat from 7:00-9:00am. What kind of odd schedule is tonight/tomorrow going to bring?


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Gayle ~ I cannot imagine your temps at all. You all seem so adjusted to it, smiles on your faces, going about your daily business. We had it cold down here, at 30 and with windchill factor, felt like 16. It warmed up again yesterday, aaahhhh.

Your stuffed pork chops and roasted vegetables looks great. I don't know why you thought you don't fix great meals, because you sure do.

You inspire me with all that you do for your family.

Have a lovely day today.


Martha said...

Your dinner looks so yummy! You make the best meals. Too funny about eating the popsicles at -19°, maybe it is because Alaskans can eat ice cream without it melting? We hardly ever ate ice cream out in FL in the summer, it melted too fast.

I LOVE the cell phone holder, and Live Long and Prosper, Tara and I use that as our greeting! So not so weird!

Lori Skoog said...

You prepared one beautiful dinner!

I hope you let Roscoe in when the temperatures are like this.

stace41971 said...

When its cold here I tend to want to sleep...or take really hot baths...I can't fathom staying up until 2:30 and getting up at 6. I think I would expire. Of course if I lived in AK I'd probably spend my winters sleeping in the bathtub and the whole getting up thing doesn't pose too much of a threat to my health. Just saying. :-P
I thought of you yesterday! I drove into town and while I was coming home went past a house and there was a long haired dog that looked like Rusty outside on the porch...trying very hard to get back in..I think he was cold :P
Your porkchops look awesome! I've never stuffed pork before..I should try it sometime..I get bored with the same old recipes over and over.
I think my husband and your son have the same yellow socks. weird :-P
Stay warm!

Janie said...

Ice cream or popsicles at 40 below?! I'm cold just thinking about it.
I like the yellow socks!

Corey~living and loving said...

ooooo brrrrrr...that weather sounds NUTS! eeekkkk....and popcicles. tee hee how fun in the cold.

hey...where is the flamingo. I have been excitedly waiting. I figure you might have lost steam when you were feel down, but I say start again if you stopped. :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Dinner looks yummy. do you deliver?

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

The meal you showed us looks scrumptious, yet again!!

SOOOOOO cold up there! Nice to have that wood stove now!! Keep on moving!!