The White House

The White House

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can't Keep Up

It seems I've been running a day behind on my blogging. I intend to do it in the evenings, but then we end up watching a movie and I never do. I can't get up before the rest of you since I'm 4 hours behind the east coast. Guess this will have to do.

When you forget to plug in your vehicle at -19.7 it won't start. Hubby threw the space heater on it for a bit so I could get Elijah to the bus. On the way back home I brushed close enough to a moose to get my heart beating wildly. To my right was a drop-off steep enough to roll my van several times so I took my chance with the moose, and manage to squeak by. With our vehicle luck I'm surprised I didn't hit him.

Sure like having this fire to sit by when it is so chilly out. Olivia and I have been soaking our feet lately, and it feels so good.

She's lucky to have a sister who rubs her feet with lotion and a Mom who paints her cute little toes.

Time to cook dinner....still cold (-18) and dark.

Fajitas marinating and sauteing onions.

Mexican rice and beans.

Olivia got a hold of my camera. I wonder what Mr. White was saying?

My handsome men snuggling on the couch.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

chilling at the whitehouse.

Lori Skoog said...

You are turning into a cooking maniac! I continue to be impressed.
I could not open what you sent me earlier!

By the way, I did not realize there was a 4 hour time difference!

Janie said...

The fajitas look great and the fire looks cozy. Can I come soak my feet with you?

Bill S. said...

You can keep the below zero up there and send the food down here. Looks yummy.

busybee2 said...

Let Olivia grab the camera more often - it was fun to see a picture of you also for a change. You probaby have thousands of pictures of everyone else and few of yourself. Crop that picture of you and your husbands faces - what a great shot!

Corey~living and loving said...

dinner looks yummy. :)

in that last shot...they look so much alike. same smile. :)

Martha in PA said...

Okay, I want fajitas. It's only 8:23 though!