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The White House

Friday, November 13, 2009

How About That List?

Out of complete randomness I share my biggest peeves....people who drive down the road with mounds of snow on their car because they are too lazy to sweep it off.

Wednesday my Excursion went to the shop to get the studded tires put on. I had to drive the van. I became one of those people. Yep, I was too lazy to clean it off.

The snowing and blowing started Wednesday with the real heavy stuff on Thursday.

Another randomness...I made funnel cakes for the first time and they were great.

I made a Thursday Thirteen list of things I wanted to accomplish yesterday. This was not on the list, but I had to do it anyhow. How do two little people make such a mess? This was not all of it.

I decided to tackle shovelling first and headed out while it was still dark.

I shovelled all the snow away from the front of the house and dragged this shelter across the yard all by myself. Let me just say it was damn heavy and not the brightest thing I've done lately, but I get tired of asking for help that never comes.

My idea is to pile the snow out in the drive and then my husband will get the plow truck running and push it away. Or not.

The snow just didn't let up and that concrete (and all the rest of it) was buried a few hours later so I get to start all over today. (Nick just shovelled the stairs and sidewalk as a trade off to go snowboarding. Yes!)

Roscoe helped me. I really had to pay attention because when he comes bounding full force if you aren't ready you'll end up on the ground.

A lot of my photos were like this: dogless. He's pretty spastic.

I did four loads of laundry from my list. That wasn't all of it, but it was a start.

Olivia and I went back out into the night to do a little more shovelling. See how it is all covered again? Such pretty white.

It really was clear down to concrete, but by the time I could get my camera out of my pocket it was white again! After 3.5 hours of working outside I gave up for another day.

Another item on my to-do list was to bathe four dogs. And we did.

This is Olivia with Sally.




All so silky soft and smelling so good.

One of the other items on the list was to work on hockey Cd's. And I did. I burned 24 Cd's and printed 48 labels. Now I need to make the highlight DVDs (just random shots from the season put to music) and burn those. I think I'll get this done before Thanksgiving! Ya!

So what didn't I do?
2. Bake cookies. The kids did break open the mint chips and ate some so that's kind of like having cookies.
4. Clean out my truck. Nick had it most of the day so that wasn't really possible, but he just cleaned it out while I typed this so it got done!
5. Take the bed out of Lucas' room. Didn't bother. Homer didn't get home from work until after 8:00pm so it wasn't like we were going to work on the room anyhow. He works too much.
6. and 7. Quilting and sewing didn't even enter my mind. I really wonder if I ever have time for that.
8. Call about school photos. I did call at 4:02pm to be precise. They closed at 4:00pm. That's my luck.
11., 12, and 13. I totally failed. No ripping up of cabinets, the wild birds were left on their own and by the time the evening ended I was too tired to soak my feet. I just went to bed.

Elijah starts a basketball tournament tonight so I'll be watching him and my niece play. I just ran Nick to town to hook up with Adam, Trey and James to go snowboarding at Birch. I've go 1/2 an hour and it's back to get Elijah and shop for shorts for tonight's game. I seriously doubt I'll get anything done past more shovelling. I'll let you know if I do.

I do have to admit I'm glad I put "the list" out there. I know for a fact puppy baths would have been skipped last night if I hadn't listed it. I was tired and wanted to sit, but I was driven by "the public list". I think I may do this more often.


Deb said...

Busy, busy, busy!

The snow is beautiful - I know it's a pain to shovel but I always enjoy the first storm or two.

Have fun at the bball tournament.

ps...your funnel cakes look yummy :)

Janie said...

You accomplished a lot. I'm impressed!
You really, really need a snowblower!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

i think you did quite a lot.

anymommy said...

Wow. I have so much to day - you do so much!! But, I can't get passed all that snow. Ugh.

Patty said...

I cant wait to see the DVD's....I see Jareds....yeah..thanks again for all your hard work on those. I know I will appreciate it forever. yes FOREVER!