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The White House

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It All Started Yesterday....

All sporting events (soccer, football and baseball) were cancelled due to the smoke from the forest fires. We were at level RED (unhealthy). Since we didn't have anywhere to go that meant Elijah was home so Emily and I could go ride the 4-wheeler while he babysat.

We headed down Bluegrass...

...and down some bumpy trials with lots of roots.

We stopped for Emily to pick some blueberries, but it was later in the evening and a bit buggy so we didn't stop long.

Emily is raising some pigs (with her dad) at a friend's house. We stopped so she could show me. (One of those belongs to her for butchering in the fall).
They had just been fed so none of them we interested in being photographed.
After a long ride we stopped by my friend Dave's house. From his corner of the earth on a hill you can see the smoke.

We went down a steep hill to get home, but you can't tell that from the photo. It was brakes all the way to the bottom.
The sun is red from the smoke although this camera shot doesn't show that. I took red shots with the good camera, but since I haven't forked out the couple hundred bucks to have it cleaned they were crap.

I walked around (in the smoke) and took some photos of the front yard. I hate the dead grass in the ditch, but can't seem to find the ambition to fix it.

Eventually that connex will be moved and that whole upper area will be grass. I can't wait.

I love this nasturtium. It is the most amazing peach color. All the others are yellow and this one really stands out.

Easy Wave Rose Petunias that I grew from seed. In fact, scroll back and look at all the flowers....I grew everything from seed this year. While I had hoped for more success I am impressed that I didn't buy anything.

Cinderella snapdragons, alyssum and violas.

Olivia is getting a kick out of making the snapdragons "talk". I remember my mom doing that with me when I was young.
Easy Wave, Tidal Wave and Shock Wave Petunias.
My rainbow bed.
Tidal Wave Hot Pink Petunias.

Alyssum with ready-to-bloom snapdragons in the middle.

Emily and Olivia taking a swim.

Yesterday, Homer had to go out-of-town for work. Here's how bad the smoke was going into Pogo Mine.

*gasp* *cough* *wheeze*

That is a caribou (with a nice rack) walking down the road. When Homer tried to quickly get closer he darted off the road.

The caribou is standing right there. They all but disappear in the trees/brush.

Homer continued on to Valdez last night. On his way back home today he took a few photos. This is Horsetail Falls.

This is Bridal Veil Falls.

It's quite a canyon drive in and out of Valdez. Hopefully, I can ride along one of these trips (need a babysitter) and I'll make him *vacation* so we can take photos of the harbor.

Not sure the name of this glacier.

This is Worthington Glacier. I've walked right up to this one when Nick and Elijah were little while on a softball trip to Valdez.
Tonight (after baseball practice) my multi-tasking was in full force. I get teased about being ADD (no, I haven't been diagnosised as such), but I am a perfect example why we (the hyper) should not be medicated. We get a lot done!! Emily, Lucas and I made peanut butter cookies while...

...I knitted (yes, Plain and Simple, this is for you), watched a movie and did a little FB. I love to multi-task (is there really any other way?).

I hope my sun comes back soon. I am freezing with it in the 50's. I have a feeling Fall is on its way. :(


Deb said...

I love all your photos - those falls are beautiful. Your state is wild in a beautiful, picturesque sort of way.
Do you ever worry about meet large animals when your on the trails or dirt roads with the 4=wheelers? I understand bear love blueberries?

I hope the smoke clears up and your temps warm up. Your flowers are absolutely beautiful! and to grown them all from seed, I am so impressed!

Lori Skoog said...

Gayle...your gardens look fabulous! Such color! Thanks for taking us on the seeing new places.

As for the barns, we have four out buildings. Gary's needed 1 section totally redone and the horse barn needed some repairs (the roof is not very old). The indoor and the studio will be getting dark green metal put on them within the next month.

Gennasus said...

Scary smoke. Are you quite safe? It's not something we're really used to here. Kids set fire to the gorse bushes from time to time and that causes enough drama!

Loved all the photos, especially the glacier. Now that's a thing I really must get to see before I die.

I remember doing the 'talking' snapdragons too......thanks for the reminder.

B said...

When your quadding do you ever worrying about bears? We have a mama bear lurking around here and when I go running I freak out most of the time. We are prairie country and I could see her coming but I also have seen her running and she'd get me no problem!

They have shot two bears in our city's bear crazy around these parts lately.

I'm totally jealous of your petunias and I think I need some tips for next year from you.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Great pictures. Yes, Montana (at least western Montana and Glacier Nat'l Park) are very much like the terrain I see in your Alaska pics. Eastern MT is much different - very flat.

Your flowers look gorgeous!! I'm so jealous! It's 112 here today (so far) and there are NO flowers in my yard. Won't be until Sept/Oct when we cool back down a bit. But then we have wonderful mild weather until about May again!!

Snowbird said...

Your flowers are so gorgeous and to think they are all from seed. That makes them all the more special. I remember making snapdragons "talk" too. In fact I still make them talk when I see them.

The scenery around your house and on the way to Valdez is so gorgeous. Alaska is the only state I've never been to and I would so love to visit there.

And yay for your multi tasking. I'm not quite as bad as you but i tend to do that too.

Patty said...

Nice do so much.

Corey~living and loving said...

your yard it AMAZING! WOWOWOWOWOW! so pretty. you energy blows my mind. you go girl.

i multitask like crazy as well. I feel like something is amiss if I'm not doing at least 2 or 3 things at once. :)

Nellie said...

Gosh, Gayle, Your flowers are fantastic!

I'm just getting around to checking on my favorite bloggers after being away for awhile and I always stop off at "Your Place" first. I'm so looking forward to receiving your wonderful knitting project. I can't knit (only crochet), so it's going to be one heck of a treasure!

I can't multi-task either... must be my age!

Our blueberries (known as huckleberries in this neck of the woods) are just beginning to ripen also. Can't wait! Although, I do worry about running into a bear while picking.

Your ATV trails look like ours. Sure a lot of fun, huh?

Have a great day.

Janie said...

My mom showed me how to make snapdragons talk when I was a kid.
Your gardens are more beautiful than ever.
Sure hope the fire and smoke clear up soon.
It's only mid-July. Surely fall isn't starting yet!