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Monday, July 13, 2009

In Search of Berries

Remember the rocks from the previous post? Here's where they are going to the path between the garden beds.
Two days ago I put a few in. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, and it was back-breaking work.

A closer look...

Yesterday I added some more. I would guess this is about 1/10 of what I need to do to go all around the beds. I have about 1/2 this many rocks left so we'll have to take another trip.

Dad suggested we load up and go looking for berries. He didn't have to ask them twice!
Miles of berries....
Can you see them?

Dad's picking some for the Wee People.

I picked a handful for us. They aren't quite ripe, but should be ready in another week or so.

Dad was really in search of salmon berries.

We found a few, but they aren't quite ripe either. See the cranberries to the left. There are going to be a ton of those in about a month as well.

It was a beautiful ride through the trees.

There was a steep hill at the end of the trail.
Olivia, Lucas and I walked up!

After two years dad finally put up the hammock. They loved it!

Look who fell asleep in it last night.

Went to get the paper this morning and took a shot of my daisy's that are finally blooming.

It's another beautiful day. Time to go and enjoy it!


Martha said...

Beautiful, makes me want to visit Alaska (in the summer!) Your pathway is gorgeous with the rocks you have collected. Berry hunting looks fun, but the hammock looks more fun~

Snowbird said...

I remember when I was little going out and picking blueberries and wild strawberries. They were so good.

You guys seem to have so much fun there. I guess you have to do all you can during the summer as it is too cold to do much outside in the winter.

The Old Gray Egg said...

Boy, with all of those berries, I hope you have a huge freezer. Is there a future for me selling freezers in the frozen lands? Love what you are doing to your place.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

WOW! Those berries are the jackpot!! Wish we had them here!!

stace41971 said...

Holy Cow! Those berries are HUGE! I think we still have another month before the berries are ripe here...I can't wait..they're my favorite part of summer...eating them..not picking them lol. What do salmon berries taste like?? I've never heard of them. And your walkway looks FANTASTIC!!

Janie said...

All those types of berries make my mouth water!
I once put in a brick patio. It was a LOT of work. Your rock path is going to look beautiful, though.

Corey~living and loving said...

what a berry find. :) we have salmon berries on our property, but I'm not a fan of them really.

your rock path looks lovely.

Vodka Mom said...

oh my goodness those shots are GORGEOUS!!!

I am loving it. WIsh I was there.

♥ Braja said...

Nice spot you've got there, Gayle....