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The White House

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons My 15-Year old son Cody needs to come home from vacation...

1…. I miss him.

2...Nick needs a workout parter. (He's starting to lose interest).

3...He opens the too-tight jars for me.

4...Maybe he'll bring warm weather with him.

5...I want to see all the photos he's taken.

6...Olivia and Lucas are going to forget him if he's gone too long.

7...I need someone on my side when Nick and Elijah gang up on me.

8...We need to practice driving.

9...It's almost hockey season. (Not really, but it feels like it!).

10...I miss having someone here who doesn't complain about the chores (unlike his brothers!).

11...I owe him a movie.

12...He needs to see his awesome report card.

13...It's time to go fishing! :)

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amy said...

What a nice list..I know you can not wait to see him!

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Nice to know I am not the only mom who misses their teen when he is away. My Nikolaus will be gone numerous times this summer for Boy Scouts and I know I will miss him.
Happy TT, Hope you'll visit my 34th T13...Weird Word Verifications" at The Cafe.

Sandy M said...

They won't forget him, I promice. Sorry you are missing him so badly.

Lori Skoog said...


Thank you for visiting my journal. How did you find it? Do you live on a farm, and have you always lived in Alaska? Hope your son will be home soon. We used to have goats...they would tag along when we went cross country skiing.

Lori Skoog

TLC said...

Hope he is home soon. I know it is hard when you miss your child. And teens are still children. Just don't tell them that!

My T13 is up, as well. Visit if you get a chance. 13 Songs in Heavy Rotation on my iPod