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The White House

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Hockey Boys

Here are three of the most handsome hockey players you'll ever come across...and the reason this blog was put on hold!

Elijah (left) played for the Arctic Lions Peewee Tier I team this past season. They compiled a record of 20-21-6 (they played a total of 51 games...not sure the actual league record as the stats don't seperate it out and I'm too busy to do it myself!). Elijah was lucky enough to travel to Valencia, California (with a side trip to Disneyland and Universal Studios with Mom, Nick and Emily) and Vernon, BC, Canada for hockey tournaments as well as several trips to Anchorage.

Nick (middle) played for the NAHA Grizzlies Bantam Tier II team. Their record was 9-6-2 (league games only...they played a total of 36 games this season). Nick travelled to Arizona to play hockey (or tour skateboard parks depending on who you ask) and we took a day trip to the Grand Canyon which by-the-way is NOT warm in December! He also had multiple trips to Anchorage.

Cody (right) played for the Arctic Lions Bantam Tier I team. They finished 14-7 in league play and had 39 contests this season. Cody travelled to Detroit, Michigan and Edina, California with his team for tournaments. I went with him to California for Regionals (we also took in a day at the beach and Universal Studios). Don't forget his multiple trips to Anchorage.

So as you can see I was the lucky one who flew out-of-state four times (Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb) and I went to Anchorage 6...7...8 times...not really sure, but a heck of a lot! It seemed as if I was gone most of the winter, and when I was home I was catching up on laundry or whatever else was neglected during my travels. I also posted photos on Elijah's team site as well as photos and stats for Nick, Cody and the Ice Puppies websites. That left my own blog untouched!

I wish you all could see the great things we have done, seen and experienced this winter, but it is too much to go back and show so I'll just move forward from here. You can look at the Arctic Lions websites for hockey photos, though.

Those boys made us proud this season, and this is going to be one of my all-time favorite photos.

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