The White House

The White House

Friday, April 11, 2008

Losing the Battle

This morning I ask my husband "How much laundry can one family have?" to which he replied, "Are you talking cubic yards or what?" (Not amusing).

This week the laundry is winning. On a rare occasion I win. I know this because Cody will say, "Oh, I see you're winning the laundry battle". And then I get some sort of kid-praising-the-mom comment. Then I lose the battle again.

There is a cubby to the right...that is laundry spilling out of the baskets. The pile on the dryer is clothes waiting to dry. Straight ahead - blankets.

No matter how many hundreds of hangers I buy I do not have enough. Partly because two boys in particular cannot take the hanger from the rod to remove the clothes...they tug on the clothes thus breaking the hanger. Maybe this is why we used metal hangers when I was a child. Anyhow, I am currently washing, drying and piling the clean clothes on my bed (there are far more items here than it appears).

After basketball practice (I coach Elijah's team) there will have to be a stop at the Hanger Store. If not this will all end up their bedroom floors and back in the laundry baskets without being worn. (By-the-way, boys do not know the difference between white socks, jeans, shirts and towels which is why they cannot be expected to put these items into the right laundry baskets. I think it is a genetic disorder that cannot be changed no matter how many times you assemble in the laundry room and give them instructions in the most sarcastic tone possible). The second part as to why we do not have enough hangers would be due to my dear friends Patty and Becky who are kind enough to send clothes our way. While it becomes a party splitting up the clothes, it turns into an unsuccessful hanger hunt to put them away! Thank-you ladies (I think!). :)

Side note: Are Pocsalopes (Popsicles) a breakfast food? I mean, really, who decided breakfast was cereal, toast, eggs...lunch was sandwiches, etc?? In my defense, learning was involved. Livvy said "Lukey's is a star" and asked what she had to which I replied "A triangle". Learning shapes is a good thing.

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