The White House

The White House

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Catching up...

The repairman apparently has come and gone. According to the automated recording my "problem" with the internet was fixed on the 15th. I can assure you it wasn't. So here I am utilizing that "free" internet at the Club. I have many photos that I would like to share to catch everyone up on our summer so far. After that I hope to have daily posts for anyone who cares to drop in over their morning coffee and see what we're up to. Of course, if my internet doesn't get fixed then my daily posts will only happen when we are at the Club.

5-09-07 Olivia watering in the greenhouse.

5-09-07 Olivia with Daisy the Lamb

5-09-07 Nick skateboarding down Isberg....probably not the smartest thing to do, but it was fun!

5-09-07 Cody takes a run down the road.
5-09-07 Elijah's turn...

5-09-07 Lucas fell asleep in the bike stroller while he and Emily watched the boys skateboard.

5-11-07 The front yard....right below the flamingoes is where the waterfall for the duckpond will be.

5-12-07 Homer has the front yard dozed and ready for me to start the garden plots. (It was pouring on me during the picture...)

5-20-07 Homer brought me two dumptruck loads of good garden dirt.

5-20-07 We took a little break in yard work to make a waterslide. Not the brightest of ideas....this works great on grass. There were too many rocks under the tarps and the girls said it hurt pretty bad. Here Emily gives it a go.

5-20-07 Sydney's turn....

Lucas loves the dirt!

5-24-07 Homer's digging a trench for an electric cable.

5-25-07 We set up a small pool infront for Lucas and Olivia to play in while I work.

5-27-07 We went to Chena Lakes for Memorial Day. It had been beautiful and hot (70's) all week. This day it was very cold and very windy. Not very nice out, but we made the best of it.

Nick and Elijah in the raft. Elijah isn't wet....he's using the towel as a jacket because he's freezing.

5-27-07 Cody tries to catch a fish.

Okay...I'm getting kicked out of the Club. I'll try to finish the photo catch-up tomorrow.

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