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The White House

Sunday, January 25, 2015


I stay up late. Too late. I am a night owl like my mother. My father was early to bed, early to rise like my husband is. Emily had an 11 o'clock soccer game that we almost slept through. Crazy! I don't have  photos. You know teenage girls... "don't photograph me" "you're so embarrassing" "why don't you have photos" "you love Lucas more than me". Teenagers are exhausting and my mouthy daughter is double!! 

But she had a game and they won. Or tied. There were a lot of goals. 

We grabbed something to eat and then went to Lucas' 1:00 game. At 12:50 it was discovered that his shoes were at home and he was wearing boots. Our house was 25 minutes from the gym. Impossible. Quick thinking I ran a few blocks away to Walmart to the clearance rack for a pair of tennis shoes. SO happens the price was mismarked. The clearance price was supposed to be $5. The original price was $11.57. They were ringing up $12.87. I tried so hard to just pay the highest price and leave, but noooooo.... we had to go find the rack and see what they were listed as. (Listed for the $11... still should have been $5.....). Wasting 8 precious minutes she saved me $1.30 walking down the aisles. Have you ever seen a really fat woman running from Walmart to her truck? It's not pretty. And if you see me circling the Internet, please, let me  know.

We made it back and Lucas played in bright new non-soccer cheap-ass tennis shoes. 

The second half he played goalie which is his true love. I think that this summer I will try to put him in some goalie clinics and see if this is a position he wants to pursue.

After soccer it was a mad rush home to drop off Olivia (Lucas went with Dad after the game to check the heaters at work) so that Emily and I could make it to a Cheer Meeting. We got to see video of the competition and the trophies they won. It's really amazing when you consider this gym is in it's 3rd year with a limited base of kids to chose from competing against well-established gyms with so many more athletes who get on stages like this almost weekly. To think our little gym brought back two 2nd place trophies and one 1st out of the seven teams that traveled.

Emily's Senior II team was invited to an end-of-the-year competition based on their excellent performance. Only the best are asked to compete. It's only a $100 per athlete fee. The catch? It's a $1000 plane ticket to Rhode Island from Alaska. What the hell?? I live in undoubtedly one of the most beautiful states in the country, but we are so isolated that it is ultra expensive to leave. How will I raise that kind of money between now and May 2?? (And YES I have to go. I have dreamed of the East Coast forever!!). Anyone out there want to sponsor some travel, airfare mileage (maybe it could be a several flight sponsorship hopping us from here to there), a meal... feel free to contact me. This is going to be tough.

Anyhow... after the meeting I ran Em home to grab Olivia to go to the fabric store. When we got here I found my husband sick. He had a slight fever, chills, pounding head, congestion. There have been some nasty flu's, etc.going on around here (in your part of the world, too? I don't watch the news... sorry). He's safely tucked into bed, but I worry when he gets sick with his other health issues (I'm not allowed to talk about).

 Pray that he doesn't get worse. Thank you.

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Nancy J said...

Oh Gayle, Homer will be in my thoughts all night and day till he is better, I know how hard it can be when your man is ill, and on top of other problems, a huge worry. I have the same with Hugh, and just take one day at a time right now. You are literally here, there and everywhere, would you contact an airline to see if there is any sponsorship, in return for giving the airline a boost with replies about how good they are, etc., I would ask for you, but too far away. Keep on with those shoes, Lucas, they might be the lucky ones. Hugs to all at TWH, Jean.