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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's Good To Be An Alaskan

I can't believe it's been 5 months since I last made a post. Blogger used to start my day... right after coffee and getting the kids on the bus. I think I'll blame Facebook. I mean, there's only so many computer hours in a day, right?

Wow. So we've had Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day without a post. There was Emily's 14th Birthday, I rolled over to 46, Sydney had her 17th, Olivia turned 9, Elijah had his milestone 18th Birthday and Nick & Cody each celebrated turning 21. All since I last posted. Wow.

Elijah played and then quit football. We are on a 3rd soccer team this winter, Lucas has basketball and the two little ones are skiing. Nick and Elijah both have new jobs. Emily got her braces off. We had adventures hauling 800-lb bales of hay. Cars have come and gone. I served on the Grand Jury. Cub Scouts is crazy for me with nine 7-year old's. Olivia's Girl Scouts is disappointing. Emily "dropped out" and is home schooling. So is Elijah. I got a tattoo. My Super Bowl party was awesome. The Broncos were not. We've had rain in the middle of winter cancelling more school than this state has ever seen. I should be ready to plant and I haven't ordered seeds. We have guinea pigs. And guppies. And lots of snow. It's been one hell of a winter.

And I wonder how each of you have been (you know...because I'm the kind of person who has actually thought about YOU and wondered what is going on in your lives which is why I'm back). I'm going reading now. I hope all of you have been well. I do not want to stumble upon bad news.

It's parent teacher conferences which means a four day weekend with marathon movies. No photos from today, but this is yesterday. It was zero out and we had gotten a few inches of snow the day before. I plowed as the sun set. It's good to be an Alaskan.


Stephen Andrew said...

So glad to hear from you! I figured you were just crazy busy as usual. And I see I was right :) it's been in the news a lot what an unusual winter Alaska is having. There have been a lot of days it's been warmer there than here in Ohio!

Lori Skoog said...

Wow. You caught us up in a few paragraphs. Yesterday it was -4 here when I went out to the barn...colder than where you live. Look forward to getting more scoop.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Have surely missed you Gail. It bums me out when I hear about FB taking away bloggers.

Your life has been full and busy and it was good to read about you all. Belated happy 46th.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Nancy J said...

Welcome, WELCOME BACK, we have been so concerned, that you were too busy, too ill, really laid up, had moved, lost your computer or internet, and now we get all the news in one post. Wonderful to know all is well, and why didn't I look on Facebook??? Your family have done so well, please post new photos of them, will we still recognise the new faces? Every time I looked up your weather it was soooo cold, and much snow, have you had any fine days? Skiing? Lucas and Olivia, is this right in your own yard? Fond greetings to you all, p.s. Homer ,how are you? From Gayle's words.. Gayle is just as busy as ever, but here she is. and all over again, ""welcome back"". Hi from Jean in NZ, taking each day slowly!!! ta for your words Gayle, very caring, and I read each one and then know how far our blogger friendship extends.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Hi Gayle - so glad to see you back, altho I've been keeping tabs of you on FB. Your family is always so much fun to read about.

Thanks for stopping by to see me today!

Anonymous said...

So so glad to see you back. I've missed your posts!!

Humble wife said...

Life is what happened. It is nice to read about how things have been going for you. Let's see~Happy Birthday, yay team, ouch for the tattoo~where did you get tattooed and what is it? I hear ya on the projects as we age faster than we get our to do list done, don't we?

I wonder about you with my temps reaching nearly 80's and am always impressed with your courage to live in a place I think is truly a frontier.

Anyhow, good to see how things are..and how they have been.


Martha said...

Yay!!!! You're back!!!!