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The White House

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

He Shoots, He Scores!

Monday and Tuesday were school conferences which translates into a 4-day weekend. By the last day we're all ready for school to start back up!

Lucas' conference was on Monday. He's at the top of his 2nd grade class and tests above average in all areas. Math is is strongest where he is off the charts and quite proud of that fact. He might boast a little too much that he is better at math that the rest of the class. :)

Olivia's conference was Tuesday where she is also at the top of her class and above average in all areas. Both have excellent behavior as well so we truly are blessed. Both call for individualized instruction and I don't think they're really getting that. Olivia is terribly bored because it is too easy. That fact causes her to get lazy with her handwriting, spelling or thought processes just rushing through to get it done. Being perfect isn't necessarily better than getting it over with. She has been begging to home school, but I think that would be a mistake. She's not a very social girl and developmentally I think she needs to be around peers. She really should be at a charter school where she can be pushed, but this school has been our family for 15 years. Such difficult decisions. 

Since I am the teacher for Emily and Elijah my report is that they are behind and need to get motivated. Spring is coming!! :)

I'm not sure where yesterday went, but it sure wasn't doing housework. I need to get moving today. Last night Lucas had a basketball game. After playing soccer in the Fall (where I coached another outstanding group of little people) we chose to limit him to just basketball for the winter rather than do both like last year. He sure misses soccer, but not having such a frenzied schedule is better for all our attitudes. He plays with such aggression and drive without a single lazy moment. They are only 6 & 7 and every child gets tired or wanders off, but not Lucas. I swear he has endless energy and his focus is far older than his years. He's quite the little athlete like some of his older brothers were. 


Nancy J said...

Great news Lucas and Olivia, and Gayle thanks to you as well, I'm sure good results all start from home. One sport, good idea,I know families who seem to rush all over town for various after school training and events, and although the kids do well and so enjoy it, parents get frazzled beyond coping.I looked at your weather, and still VERY cold, is there so much snow at TWH? Love some outside photos, if you have time, Again, SOOOO good to have you here again. Greetings to all, Jean.

Lori Skoog said...

That last photo is outstanding. What a cutie.

Sparkless said...

It's great to hear you all are well and the kids are doing well. What's the weather been like up there this winter? Down here in Southern BC it's been snow then melt then snow then melt then extreme cold then melt. It can't make up it's mind if it wants to be winter or spring and it's driving us mad!