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The White House

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Second Game of the Season

Wendy... the tattoo really didn't hurt too much. At the time I was getting it I thought I was dying, but it was more fear of the unknown. When it was done I realized it really didn't hurt that much. Yes, I am a Cub Scout Leader again this year.... we will be the Wolf Den. I'm only meeting every other week so on the off weeks I can join my daughter at Girl Scouts. Seems like I never get to do things with her because I'm always leading/coaching Lucas.

August 23....

This turned out to be Em's last day at public school. Over the weekend she made the case to home school.

It was a Football Friday. There's Elijah #13 wrapping a guy up.

Here he is making a touchdown. So awesome that all I got was the arm of the guy in front of me. :/

He made the first field goal attempt, but there was a penalty and he missed the second try. How cool would that have been to score the whole 7 points?

Not a very good shot, but here's my boy carrying the ball.

I am so completely unmotivated today. I'm like a bear and the cool Fall weather has me moving into hibernation mode. I have so much to do inside and out....


Nancy J said...

Go Elijah, great game, and to see pics of the action, super. I'll go to the next newer posts. so good to see the "before" and" AFTER", looking so good. Cheers, Jean

Arizaphale said...

Oh bugger the weather. Look at everything you have accomplished and I take my hat off to you as you undertake home schooling.