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Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day of School

Third post of the day (9/9) so be sure to scroll down to see flowers and moose. :)

August 21....
This was the first day of school. Lucas is in 2nd grade and Olivia in 3rd. 

Emily is in 8th grade, but only attended school about a week. She is now homeschooling (something she has wanted to do since she was in 1st grade and can now finally get her wish).

Coming home after the first day!

I grew corn for the first time this summer. It is the sweetest and best I've had! Going to try it again next summer.
Look at the size of my bunching onions. We let them go way to long. If I don't pick stuff and put it on the table it never gets eaten.

 August 22....
This was Elijah's first day of his Senior year. They do a delayed start for upper classmen with only freshman attending the first day.
 The second day of school....
 ....had to share because of that sad, crying face. She was so upset that I pulled her hair up rather than let it hang in her eyes. She got on the bus with that face. The next day she asked me to pull it up. :)

This was my project for the day. Picking out big rocks, used the loader to get as much as we could and then picked the last few up by hand. That pile sat there all winter and all summer driving me nuts!

 This day was also Homer's 51st birthday. We went out to Food Factory for dinner at the last minute. Elijah was at football and Nick was already busy. I didn't plan so well this time.


Nancy J said...

Happy Birthday Homer!!! Olivia, you look so grown up with your hair done that way, really lovely. Yellow bus, we have some a bit like that here, that do a shuttle up the snow road to the ski fields. I think they are called the " Mountain Goat", ...Rocks galore, surely that will be all done very soon. Cheers to all, Jean.

gpc said...

You have the most amazing gardens, and the most amazing flowers, of anyone I've ever seen. Your corn looks fantastic! What an incredible amount of work. That mama moose must drive you nuts, but it really is the coolest thing to see and you can hardly blame her for wanting to munch such a lovely and colorful salad. I just realized that Olivia and Lucas are the same ages (or at least the same grades) as my Grands - that somehow makes them even more 'real' to me. :)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Happy 51st Birthday Homer.

Your kids are all growing up so fast.

The corn looks so yummy and to think you grew this yourself. Onions look great too.

You amaze me dear Gayle with all that you do there.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady