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The White House

Monday, September 16, 2013

Here's To September!

I told Homer I thought the wall was tall enough to keep the dogs in. Millie hopped up and landed on the ledge like a graceful cat. Guess I was wrong. He went up another 3 rows. 

September 1....

Zucchini pasta... I do believe I could eat this everyday.

Shredded the rest of the zucchini for bread this winter.

Froze about 20 bags.

More fill... two summers is enough. Wishing we were done already!

I literally gag on green beans from the can, but fresh... delicious. I'm going to try and grow more next summer.

September 2....
You guessed it... more zucchini.

Daisy followed me up to the front yard. When I clean out the beds it's the one time of year she gets to roam about the yard.

Pretty spunky for six years old.

She loves petunias.

The boys unloaded the more railroad ties for the retaining wall.

September 4....
This has been a busy month. I'm finding days that I haven't taken a photo. Catching up will be good. I'll be more conscious about getting out the camera.

Off to school.....


Nancy J said...

Here in NZ Railway sleepers are very much in demand for garden use. They vary in price for a 2.1 metre( 7 feet), $35,$42, in Pine, to $85 for a 2.4metre in hardwood. So like the garden helper, and school pics, Olivia and Lucas, you are both looking very bright and chirpy on your way ( Olivia, super hair-do).Homer, the great Wall !!! Zucchini, Gayle, can you provide your bread recipe? Last year I had so many, gave lots away, and did freeze them in slices as well. Cheers to all, Jean.

Anonymous said...

May I ask why you have a sheep? Is she a pet or for the fibre? I love reading about all your animals and of course your family too.

Arizaphale said...

Hey Gayle!! Sorry I've been absent for so long. Madness here :-(
After our backyard makeover this year I am OVER retaining walls, although not in the same way as Millie :-D
We had to remove our railway sleepers (we call them) as they had been decimated by termites! The new ones are concrete. No 2 Son used the leftover damaged wooden ones to make some more levels further up the slope. Himself claims he wants to plant vegetables. This should be interesting. Maybe I will have zucchinis and beans too soon??

Stephanie said...

I hope you update your blog soon. I love reading about your life in Alaska! :)