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Friday, August 23, 2013

Flowers and Soccer.... My Summer

July 25...

Almost two cord split and stacked in almost 90* weather. Not all that fun. My splitter is too slow. Homer is bringing one home that's a lot bigger for the huge pile of wood we've collected the last week. 

A mid-summer round of photos from the front yard.  Elfin Starburst Impatiens.

I have 5 big pots of geraniums with three plants each. I should bring some in before they freeze.

Several varieties of zinnia.

The girls were models to show how big the beds are. These zinnia are now up to her shoulder.

Orchid Mist Impatiens also to her shoulder. The last few days the blooms got so heavy the plants started to fall over. Now with several days of rain they are brown and nasty. Time to clean out that bed.

Another double petunia. These smelled heavenly. 

My Livingstone daisy just started to bloom and the moose ate them. They were planted under a lilac bush which is poisonous. They just put their noses under the branches and munched down to the mulch. Boo!

This is a big bed. It held 120 marigold plants and could have taken a few more, but I ran out.

The petunias by the pond looked lovely this year. Also shoulder high, but smashed now from the moose getting a drink.

A painted daisy.

The daisy is in the back of this bed and taller than Emily's head (in this photo) now. In front of that are dahlia which are quite big, too.

This bed is a mixture of everything left over. It grew quit tall, but half of it has been eaten by the moose.

The moose ate all the pansies. Then they grew back completely filling the bed. Then the moose ate them again. Apparently, they are pretty tasty. We need to finish the fence, but it takes time which we have little of. On some advice my husband picked up some wolf urine spray. The idea is you spray rags and hang in trees around the garden. We've heard of people having success so why not give it a try? I wonder if it will work in the rain we are having today?

Double impatiens which is also now an empty bed eaten right to the mulch.

Emily's last game and there were no referees. Lots of problems with that this summer. 

 There I am coaching while the coach refs. (I'm sitting on the bench talking to an injured player).
 She uses her hips well. :)


Nancy J said...

You have so much colour in your garden, and with a short summertime, WELL DONE!! Do you do them all from seed? Even more W.D.!! I can see the huge size of those beds, even one bed takes time, and those impatiens are truly gorgeous. Moose, can you catch? Shoot?? Have some meat in the freezer?? Greetings to all, Jean. p.s. a bigger splitter is great, hope you get to keep it forever.

Anonymous said...

How frustrating to have a moose come and eat all your pretty flowers. I hope the wolf urine does the trick and you can enjoy your flowers for the rest of the season.

Arizaphale said...

Are moose protected/endangered? just asking!!!