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The White House

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Close to the End of June!

(Second post for Wednesday 7/17.... first one below)

Monday....June 24... Soccer practices as always, but no photos to show for it. I'm also sure I did a ton of yard work as that is how it goes all day every day.

June 25.... Hot and I'm loving it. I like 80's and 90's. I will take sweaty over goosebumps any day of the week! Hamsley maybe not so much. He likes to be hosed down in the heat of the day. Look at that smile!

He even turns a back side.

And rolls to get his belly.

Tuesday is game day. Lucas plays goalie a lot. Let's just say my team is special and they are having fun. As far as soccer goes, not so much of that happens. Lucas is still doing well and the new kid is outstanding, but as of now has only showed up a couple times. 

Watching the planes fly water to the big forest fires we are having.

He plays his little heart out, but we are so the underdog in every game. Lost this one 7-1.

Funny how we are standing the same.

I never get enough photos of Emily playing. I either get to watching her too much or visiting with another mom.
Wednesday....June 26..... I got Emily out in the garden to help put down newspaper and wood chips. I told her she would get a tan! Whatever works.

Ug! Can you believe that at the end of June the pool still isn't filled. Such an off summer for us. On this day I took all the rocks at the end of the pool and moved them over...... this bare bank. Hardly made a difference. I hope to finish the rocks this summer. I'm getting older and don't much care for this rock work anymore. It's 120* down on that liner when it's unfilled on a hot day. I take lots of breaks.

We decided to go out to Pike's to eat on the deck. It was so hot out that we should have sat under the tent!

I had a salmon caesar salad.

We shared some steamer clams... wonderfully good, but so expensive for so few...more than this, but still not much ($16).

We played a little mini golf, too.

Dad and I went out driving in my truck.

We ran into a friend on his 4-wheeler out in the woods. We ended up visiting with him until 1:00am and got to see the pink sky.


Nancy J said...

Great play Lucas, Emily ditto, what a way to get a tan, and your night sky, lovely. Hot days, translated to 25 to 30 Celsius, that would be so hot for us down here. Greetings to all at TWH, from Jean

anymommy said...

I love that picture of you and Emily together. Enjoy the heat!

Arizaphale said...

Hi Gayle
Sorry I've been absent. Look at everything you've been doing in the meantime. So idyllic. Love that photo of you and the team watching the water bombers. Your pool is amazing. I can't believe you move all those rocks. Hope you use a sack truck!!!! So funny to see you all in bikinis etc when we're so used to the snow pictures :-)