The White House

The White House

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Getaway

For a couple of days we had mud season. A season I dislike very much. We are now back to winter. It's cold with snow flurries. Maybe in another week we'll get to the 50's and maybe in two weeks we'll see 60's. We had record breaking low temperatures this morning. Joy. 

Homer went and scraped the neighbors yard. The one that I tore up getting stuck in. Our 4-wheeler quit there the other day so Homer hauled it home.

 Friday there was a student talent show at UPark. Olivia's class did sang and signed a song. She was awesome.

After the show Nick, Emily and I went to Anchorage to visit Dorene, John and the girls. The drive was stunning. 

Saturday was their 23rd Anniversary. We went to a little dive with good food and played pool. John taught Emily who picked it up quickly.

The night we went to a pub theater. It was awesome... dinner, drinks and a a movie.

 Sunday we did a little shopping and then drove back late not leaving town until 7 and getting her at 1 am this morning.  The mountains were so pretty although I really am ready for summer.

This morning Homer asks me if I saw the surprise. I hadn't so he told me to go out by Daisy. Look who moved to our house after the weekend. We'll be raising him to butcher which I am sure will not go over with the Little Ones. In fact, he didn't even tell them that's the plan. He left that for me to do. 

My plant room sorely needs my attention as do the animals and the kids will be back home soon. Back to the grind.


gpc said...

I have a friend who buys a steer every year from a friend to butcher and she always takes her kids to visit throughout the season to see that the animal is being well cared for. Her tag line is that happy animals make better quality food and it always cracks me up to hear her kids say, 'this is the nicest cow yet, it will be delicious!'

Janie said...

I hope the kids don't get too attached to that pig, or you may have another permanent pet!
Your scenery is beautiful, and your yard will be, too, as soon as the snow goes away and the grass and flowers take over.

Arizaphale said...

Those photos from your weekend away are awesome. What an amazing part of the world you live in! Truly blessed!!
As for Wilbur.....I am glad you are telling them not me. I am such a pathetic city gal. My pork comes shrink wrapped from Foodland and that's the way I like it...:-)

Stephen Andrew said...

It will be an incredible learning experience for the kids with the pig. Hard, but a valuable experience I'm sure. Happy anniversary!