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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Here I Am....

I took this photo awhile back. Looked out the window and saw goofy Millie sunning herself on top of the "hut". It's just a frame covered in a parachute that has been a make shift "garage" for working on vehicles in the winter using a space heater to warmth. 

Saturday was the Cub Scout Fishing Derby. My husband had to work so two leaders were helping me with a rod issue Nick and I couldn't figure out.

See Lucas in the middle of a Tiger Hole?

I so appreciate Nick coming along. He fills in as "Dad" quite often and really keeps me company. Love that kid so much.
 So patiently waiting.

She really hates fishing and just posed to make me happy. She actually sunned herself, read, listened to music and napped.

He wanted to catch a fish so badly. So did Nick who had a couple take his bait six times. I was the only one in our family to catch one. It was 8 inches long. So small.

Prize time... first, last, biggest and smallest.

After five hours on the lake we raced back to town to catch the second half of Asa's birthday party. (Asa is Nevaeh's brother from Trudy's previous relationship).

So glad we made it for cake and presents. Olivia and Lucas spent the night and they were so excited to stay at their brother's apartment.

Ug! We've had siding stored for at last 5 years. Wish it was on the house. That looks awful. I need to re-do the deck as well. Anyhow... the point of the photo was that the boys shoveled off the deck... it's a big 60' by 8' and is a lot of work.

Homer worked on the yard although there is still a lot to do. It's just too cold. Spring needs to come already!

 Work outside = warm dinner inside.... fried pork chops and potatoes.

I bought this beauty off a Facebook garage sale. It is a $400 bird in easily a $300 cage for $80. The military tend to give things away.... people in the Lower 48 don't understand our prices. "She" is a canary winged parakeet. We are the third family in a year (so sad.... disposable pet). They called "him" Dew (for Mountain Dew???). I think I'll changed the name. So spoiled and likes to be held. We drove to Eielson Air Force Base to get it.

Tonight was Pack 92 Cub Scout Olympics. I so love how he stands with his hands in his pockets.

The obstacle course...

...pancake toss....

....spitting frozen peas....

..."shot put".... was a glove....

Emily helped me run one of the stations....

...we had wall sitting. One boy went for 11 minutes... just long enough to beat a girl in the sibling class and then he stood up like it was no big deal!!

They did push-ups. I think Homer told me he did 20!

They ran a 50-yard dash.

Love that smile.

With some prodding I got Olivia to do some of the contests and she had fun.
 High-fives for her friend.

They did pull-ups although I think this kid "helped" the little ones.

Lucas earned his Map & Compass Belt Loop.

All the Scouts that sold more than $600 worth of popcorn got to throw a "pie" in the face of a couple of leaders.

I am stressed beyond belief with the end of Elijah's schooling. Woke up so horribly upset I went back to bed and at noon was still mad. Ug! Plants are seeded and seeded plants are dying. I'm really in a bad place right now, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel so if I don't suffer a break down I'll be okay!  :)

Watered for 2 hours tonight... goodness gardening is time consuming.

Okay.... it's 1:30am. Tomorrow is another day.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a busy, full life you live. All of it takes time. We do the best we can and try to see the good and beauty in each day. Hang in there Gayle. God bless you with His strength, peace and patience.

Love ~ FlowerLady

Nancy J said...

Ditto to the lovely words from Lorraine, Such snow, when will it go? I'm sure you will have seeds, plants and more for your garden again this summer, last year it was stunning with produce and colour, Families together, wonderful photos. Greetings from Jean,p.s. remember one day they will have grown up and left home!!!

Arizaphale said...

So sorry you're in a bad place. Know the feeling. But you are doing such a brilliant job with those Cub Scouts!!! So weird to see people really ice fishing. I think I've only seen it on TV sitcoms before. Looks incredible. Wish I could have seen your fish! And the Olympics were AWESOME!!!!!

Wendy in NY said...

I love seeing your scout photos. I might steal some of your olympic events. My son is in Bears. This week we built a teepee and made darts with wine corks and feathers and made up stories using indian picture words. We were not so hardy as to ice fish in short sleeves like Lucas. Love your blog. You are an inspiration to me seeing all that you get done. how are the turtles?

Stephen Andrew said...

Oh the kids are so cute!! I'm sorry, I'm sure things will be looking up soon.

Janie said...

Cute pics from the scouting event. Looks cold out there ice fishing, though.

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Gayle all that you do just amazes me. I could never begin to do all that you do. May God keep giving you the strength to keep it all going. I see so much love and activities. I know how your gardening is your special place for you. You shine there as well as all that you do.