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The White House

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pinewood Derby

Last night we had to miss a basketball game for the Pinewood Derby. Luckily there was another parent willing to fill in for me. Lucas made the red spiderman car on the end. 

That's Lucas' car in the red. They ran several races switching tracks and he ended up third. He had a small meltdown over losing, but his sportsmanship (or lack of it) has greatly improved in the last year. We couldn't get him interested in working on the car so it wasn't weighted properly or balanced or any of the little things that would have improved its performance. It's a Scout race and I wasn't about to do it for him just so he could win. Maybe next year he'll put in the time to work with me to make a faster car.

He's such a cutie.

He got a lot of awards last night.
His Tiger Badge, Outdoor Activity Award, basketball belt loop, table tennis belt loop, video games belt loop, citizenship belt loop and nutrition belt loop. 

His certificate was for the Most Marvel-ous Car.  Get it? :)

And Sophie. Just because.

My beef for the day is the cost of food. I don't mind that we get shafted for pretty much everything if the price of food would just be manageable. It's pretty much a necessity. Today I picked out the cheapest apples and oranges. I got 18 pieces for $14.66. That will last my family of 7 about 2-3 days. Obviously, I do not always have fresh produce on hand. Frustrating because I'd love to always offer healthy choices for snacks. I haven't been much of a "saver" my whole life, but I'm currently working on cutting some corners so we can have fresh more often. (Just cutting out some fast foot would do it!). What do you pay per pound for apples? These are $1.99 per pound for Jazz and Granny Smith (that's on sale). Other kinds go up to $3.00 per pound.
I've been feeling bum the last couple of weeks. Rotten stomach and just plain tired. I've been sleeping most of the last few days. I hope I snap out of it soon. I hate life passing me by....


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Lucas is so adorable. I've never seen the belt loop thing - is that new? Pretty cool idea.

Nancy J said...

Gayle, I cannot see life ever passing you by, it might stop and look, then decide to retrace its steps. I do hope the stomach problem is sorted soon, remember there is always the " Silver Coach", even a short holiday might be the answer. Take care, Grteetings from Jean.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Gayle ~ With all that you do around there, it's no wonder that you aren't feeling so hot right now. Sleep is healing, and I do hope you are feeling back to normal soon.


Stephen Andrew said...

Where does most of your produce come from up there? I certainly take for granted how much less expensive it is in the lower 48!

Janie said...

Nice work, Lucas. He really is a cutie, and his car looks pretty special, too. This brings back memories. Our boys competed in the Pinewood Derby, too, twenty-something years ago.

anymommy said...

The spiderman one? That is adorable!! And amen on the cost of food. We should get a prize for the amount we spend on produce every week!

BrightenedBoy said...

He looks like a rosy-cheeked chipmunk! So adorable!