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The White House

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Carols

Friday was the Christmas Concert at UPark. Dad was too busy at work to get away, but Nick went with me to hear the kids sing. Lucas and his fish lips.

This is his little friend Abby. They were on the same soccer team when he still played co-ed. They were in the same class last year and again this  year. Good friends in the making.

Olivia immediately looks for me and gives a big smile. Such a sweet child with such a big heart.

Lucas by the tree in his 1st grade room.

Olivia by the tree in her 2nd grade class.

After school we ran some errands and Nick told me to go check out the ravens at Lowe's. Normally when it gets dark they fly miles out of town to their roost. For whatever reason there were hundreds at this building screaming an awfully creepy sound I've never heard them do and circling like bats.

It's hard to see the numbers because of the dark, but I lightened this photo and you can see them lined on the roof. They were like that down the rows of outside shelving and covering the roof. I know when a raven dies they will gather in huge numbers, but then they fly off. I wonder if there was one trapped somewhere? Not only was this eerie and odd, but they were only on this building. It's a strip mall and the birds were no where else (yes, I drove around looking).

At home the girls made molded candies. First time we've ever done this and they had fun.

The boys played video games. We moved the tree and the star is falling off. I should fix that.

Saturday night Emily went to her Ex-Step-Mother's Christmas Party. (Would she just be called "friend" now?). Aren't her silver shoes awesome?

While she did that we took Olivia and Lucas to their first hockey game. (Obviously, they went to a zillion games as babies when their brothers played, but they don't remember that). I won two tickets on Facebook and while we were standing in line to buy two more two different people came up and gave us one each. What a great community we live in.
 We were way up in the nose bleed section for most of the game. In the last 5 minutes we went down to some open seats near the glass so they could see just how fast they were skating and how hard they hit the glass. They both thought it would fall. What a game! We haven't been to one in years and this one went to overtime and then to a shootout. UAF Nanooks beat Bowling Green.

There's the mascot and jazz band.
Our cold snap finally broke and it's been snowing since Saturday night. I plowed some on Sunday, but by Monday it needed re-done. I never did get around to it. I should plow today, but I've got Scouts this afternoon and have no idea what I'm doing. I've also got lunch with Olivia's class. And I need to haul wood in as I'm down to one stick. To be honest I want to go back to bed. I stayed up way to late last night and am having trouble getting going this morning.

I got stuff yesterday to bake with the girls. I need to get my Christmas cards in the mail. I've been doing things I want to do lately rather than the things that I should be doing! I need to get a shower in so I'm off....


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Wow - Emily is getting so tall - look at those legs. She looks so pretty!

Mama Bean said...

One time I saw a crow super murder near my apartment. There were hundreds of crows lining the rooftops and trees of the whole block of buildings around my place. It was soooooo creepy. And it never happened again in the 3 years I lived there. Wish I'd taken more pictures. Don't know why they do it, probably some sort of mating thing???

Nancy J said...

For those of us"down under" the nose-bleed section, those seats are the highest ones( refers to what happens at high altitudes!!) Lovely photos,Olivia, your frock and wee jacket are stunning!!Wait until you are 15, Dad will have to watch out for the boys then!!Lucas, great pics, and Emily, I'm waiting to see the hand made candies!!Gayle, surely one day you will not be soooo busy..I can hear you reply " WHEN?" Greetings from Jean

Patty said...

I love the UAF Jazz Band!