The White House

The White House

Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Do's

Yesterday I took the girls to get their hair done. A long overdue trip. I am in desperate need of a hairstyle myself, but they didn't have any other openings. Emily's hair was destroyed from the dying fiasco so she made the big decision to cut all the dead stuff off. 

She instantly loved the way it felt and the style. This morning when it flipped out, she didn't like it so much. At least now it can grow out healthy and she will never color it again at home. 

This was Olivia before. She has my really really thick hair. It's a constant battle to keep it untangled.

She thought the salon was the coolest thing.  Grandma Debbi has always cut her hair so this was a big deal.

She looks like a totally different little girl. I just love it!

Then we went to get shoes for the Christmas party Emily is going to on Saturday with her ex-step-mother. Yes, you read that right. If she grows up normal I'd be surprised! LOL Funny how things that have nothing to do with me end up costing me money. They are adorable silver shoes and a girl can never have too many shoes, but I bet she never wears them again. Maybe I'll lose weight and borrow them. :)

Today I went and had lunch with Lucas' class. It's nice to give the teachers a little extra time to catch their breath. It's been tough the last couple of weeks with recess being cancelled. (They don't go outside after -20* below... and they do include wind chill factor, but that hasn't been necessary with out -30* all week). Everyone is getting antsy to get outside.
I am really behind in everything, I seem to be seriously slacking lately and you know what? For the first time in my life it isn't stressing me out. It's no big deal. It will get done when it gets done or it won't. Life's too short to be unhappy. :)


Nancy J said...

Silver shoes, lovely, new hair styles, beautiful.Your turn next time!! Greetings from Jean

sandy said...

absolutely beautiful hair !!! both of the girls look great,,(but then they always do !!) emily will look fantastic in those shoes,,,hope you can get us a photo of the whole outfit,,,olivia can borrow them later on also,,,so fun for you and the girls to be out together !!