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The White House

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12-Hour Flu I Can Do

Yesterday Olivia got a package in the mail from her Granma & Papa in Oregon for her upcoming birthday. She's waiting to open it, but there were also some ornaments for the tree she put up. There were fun cupcake papers with decorations for the tops so we'll be making those soon for her class. She's is one child who is truly thrilled and feels loved when she gets even a simple card in the mail. She so appreciates life.

We had beef steaks from the store and they were so good. I know, you're probably wondering why with a freezer full of meat I would do such a thing, but seriously, one can get tired of moose. Plus it's so lean... as in our meat has no fat (which is what happens when you are the butcher) and that juicy fat on a cut from the store was what we were all craving. I wish I could remember what they were watching, but apparently it was interesting. Yes, my table was that big of a mess no one could sit at it. Not that they would anyhow.

What a horrible day this one started out as. My son wouldn't get up. Said he needed to sleep 20 more minutes and was getting a ride from a friend-girl (if I call them "girlfriends" I get corrected). Just what I want to hear at 6:15am... that I'm up for nothing. So I make his lunch and get him up at 6:40 and go back to bed. He wakes me up at 7:05 to tell me he needs a ride because her truck wouldn't start. Hello? It's -30*. That's why he should have been on the bus!! Drove him to school to race home with ten minutes to get Olivia and Lucas up, dressed, fed and on the bus. And I did it. Then I threw up. Really. My truck was warm so Emily & I sat in it at the end of the driveway while we waited for her bus and then I went back to bed. I had the shakes for what seemed hours and finally fell asleep. I woke up at 1:30 with enough time to warm my truck up, drive to town for Taco Bell and then take it to Elijah so he could eat before basketball practice. I'm a good mom like that. I thought I was going to die and then ~BOOM~ at 3:00pm I all-of-a-sudden felt human. I immediately started cleaning off the table and doing chores before the feeling passed. At 4:00pm I got nauseous and stopped. At 5:30 it was gone and I am fine. I am so glad that this didn't turn into some full-on flu, but am still disappointed I had to cancel my lunch with Olivia's class and my Cub Scout meeting. I never would have made it through them.

Since I finally felt good I tried to get something done. I gave Sophie a long overdue bath.

I even got Elijah to give one to Rusty (I dried and brushed him).

 Then it was bath time for Olivia. She wanted me to take a photo for Grandma Debbi to show her how long her bangs were (Grandma is the one who cuts her hair). She's been growing it out and announced tonight she wants to cut it. *sigh*  Girls!! (She's wearing my mom's pajama's that my brother brought to Alaska for me. She is so proud of them. She never met my mom, but I've told her stories about how her and I are gardeners just like she was...I am my mom, my daughter is me.... and she's made a point to let everyone in the house know where her pajamas came from).

 Lucas saw me take her photo and wanted his taken, too.  O.M.G. he is just like Elijah in so many ways it's frightening at times. He lives on cereal just like his brother.
There are a lot of different things closing in on me... the holidays, my son's grades, basketball, legal crap, bills, my house..... I feel so over-whelmed and am finding it hard to fit good parenting in there, too. Time to buck up and get it done. It's so easy to just make excuses, isn't it?

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Holly said...

Hope you are feeling better today, make sure you don't over-do it so the illness doesn't come back. Take care of yourself lady!
Olivia always looks so happy, and the importance she places on a connection with your mum is wonderful.