The White House

The White House

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Little Actress

-10* below, no hat, coat unzipped, has her own built in furnace....Olivia. (Shouldn't someone go out and get the Halloween decorations before they are completely buried?)

Slightly more bundled, but rest assured the backpacks have warm gear if the bus breaks down.

Here's Emily!! I don't think we've had a photos of her lately. She's almost taller than me.

Millie is not allowed on the furniture because she is the hairiest most shedding dog I have ever seen. I told her to get down a dozen times. As soon as I turn my back she's back up. Maybe she thinks she's blending in and invisible.

When I really don't pay attention she slinks over to the couch. Doesn't she look comfortable?

Sometimes she gets one of her kids to snuggle with her.

Yesterday was the 2nd grades Thanksgiving presentation. Olivia was so nervous about saying her lines ~ which she did perfectly.

 There was a lot of good food at the potluck.

Dad was able to make it which means so much to the kids. (Sorry-caught him eating). Look at the room full of parents. It was a nice turn-out.

This is my 5th second grade performance in the last 15 years (Nick, Elijah, Sydney, Emily and now Olivia). They recycle the same acts so I knew what was coming. Poor Eric didn't have a clue.
My Tiger Cubs have a box at the front office. We've actually had a couple donations of toys that we'll take to Santa's Clearinghouse in a couple weeks. 
I seem to be on the run constantly and am not getting an extra projects done aside from basic house work. Four days in a row volunteering at school takes up my afternoons. Big drama on Friday that I'll share in a few days when I know the outcome more clearly.

My life.... one big challenge.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

OMG - what could possibly have happened now? I'm almost afraid to find out.

Nancy J said...

Gayle, life would be so boring without your daily challenges!!!Olivia, how can you be warm in what is equal to our -23Celsius???Yes, I now have time zone pages and temperature pages, will type them out neatly and get a photo for you, also a shortcut to Wunderground weather, so I can see instantly what it is up North??South, east and west, as I now have friends all over!!!Waiting for Friday drama news... Greetings from Jean, we have 58F outside!!!

Stacy Davis said...

Brrrrrrr! We're still above zero here..but I'm sure we're going to be there soon enough :/ blah.
So glad to see your school had such a good turn out for the kids...that always makes me smile :) Too many communities don't support their schools/children.
I love seeing your updates...and Olivia's smiling face..seriously, does that child ever NOT smile?!?!? LOL

Janie said...

Poor Lucas and his scratched face.
Looks like a delicious Thanksgiving feast and lots of fun for everyone.