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The White House

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Catching Up

It's been awhile. I enjoy blogging and I miss reading every day, but it seems life is coming at me full force again. Still hesitant to share last weeks drama. While it should be long buried I'm still left wondering. I'll have answers on Monday.
Tuesday is my day to be in Olivia's classroom to give her teacher an extra half an hour at lunch. There were 7 kids out sick so it was fairly quiet.  Posting this photo I noticed her hands in her pockets. Hmmm. Wonder if she lost her gloves and didn't tell me? Look at those red cheeks. It was around zero out, but it truly felt more biting than that. Lunch recess is 30 minutes long.

After sales I ran errands and then went back to take my Cub Scouts on a field trip. I invited another Den to join us and we went up to the police station at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. It was a really informative tour and the officer was super with the kids.

Wednesday I went to sell Smencils, but forgot to take a photo. There are four sessions a week to sell and I've been the only volunteer which is okay with me, but does that mean 60 kids all have working mom's or their moms just don't volunteer? On this Wednesday there was another mom who showed up so she sold the first lunch while I watched Lucas' class giving his teacher a break. Then I sold the second lunch.

After I left I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving (I am a procrastinator). Apparently, Lucas got hit in the face - twice- with a swing. Oh how that must have hurt out in the cold. He didn't want me to pick him up, but wanted to go back to class to finish the day. I don't think the nurse was very impressed with me. She expected I'd go right to the school to get him. Unfortunately, when you are the last of 8 kids you get told to suck it up. She put a tape-stitch to hold the cut together.

 When he tore it off I told him we might have to go to the doctor... that made him cry and then I felt bad. He looks pretty rough with his black eye and scabs.

Later that night the kids and I baked rhubarb crisp, two pumpkin pies and an apple pie.


When you get hurt and you are home with sisters they paint your toenails to make you feel better. :)
Emily got up early Thursday and helped me prepare Thanksgiving dinner. She has gone from little girl to young woman this past year. It was her first time helping instead of playing. It made me both sad and proud at the same time.
 We had a fruit tray, veggie tray, salsa and chips and buffalo dip with bread for appetizers.

Emily made fondant and plans to use it on cupcakes. Here she made some flowers for under the strawberries.

I made entirely too much food since our picky eaters won't touch most of it. The turkey, mashed potatoes, oven roasted asparagus and cranberry sauce.

Corn on the cob, mac 'n cheese, sauteed green beans, pepper & onions, pistachio salad, fruit salad and regular salad.

Wild rice pilaf as well as (not shown) stuffing and dinner rolls.
Six of our eight kids came for dinner.... only Cody and Sydney were missing.

 After dinner we watched football and the kids hung out. Later while they were plugged into electronics ...

....we played Phase 10. Then we played Uno with everyone. At 1:00am everyone but Nick and I went to bed. We watched a movie and at 3:00am I couldn't hang and left him to finish alone. (And here I am at 1:45am again! Wow!!).

It was a busy day today, but I'll save that for tomorrow. This has been a busy post as are my days. 


Stephanie said...

I have been following your blog for almost a year now. I absolutely adore you and your family. You're an amazing mother and I am quickly exhausted reading your posts! You accomplish so much each and everyday! I'm just sorry that you have so much drama to endure. Your Thanksgiving dinner looks absolutely amazing. Thank you for your blog and being so real!

Lori Skoog said...

That Thanksgiving dinner was incredible! You don't mess around.

FlowerLady said...

I'm so glad Luke wasn't hurt any worse that he was. I got hit on the eyebrow bone with a swing type thing when I was a kid and ended up with a black eye and it hurt like heck.

It is so wonderful to me to see you and the girls preparing food together. It is also wonderful to see all of you playing games together and having a good time. These are moments to be cherished. The food all looks and sounds yummy.

Have a great weekend Gayle.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

sandy said...

what a wonderful thanksgiving !! now we are on to the christmas holidays,!!,,the photo of emily doing luca's toenails is priceless,,,he will be so embarressed when he is a teenager,,,olivia is a joy to look at,,as always,,!! thank you for the photos !!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

It looked like a nice day with a ton of yummy food. Your life may be hectic and crazy, but you are blessed in many ways. Happy Thanksgiving Gayle.

anymommy said...

Oh my gosh, it looks so good! Happy Thanksgiving.

Mama Bean said...

Amazing meal! Happy Thanksgiving!!