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The White House

Monday, November 5, 2012

I Wish Everyday Was The Weekend

Found this in the drawer of my desk the other day when I was cleaning. I have no idea where it came from as I've never worn a political button of any kind, but possibly it was from a take-all box I won at an auction years ago. Funny things I have collected/found/saved over the years. Can't wait until tomorrow has come and gone... maybe facebook will get back to being "social" instead of one big political ad. Don't people realize their "friends" know who they are voting for and most likely won't change their mind from your bashing post? 

I have geraniums blooming. It's -20* (in town this morning... I have +5* here on the hill). Ironic.

Friday night Em helped me clean another space. It's like the house became one giant closet that everything was thrown in while I was weeding this summer. Got my husband to fix Emily's door (it now closes and locks) and hang her shelve. It's the little things. So many fix-it items on the honey-do list. Never seem to be able to get to actually remodeling.
Saturday Olivia and I went to town. Yes, she's wearing pajamas. That's how we roll. We found a bin in Michael's where everything was 20 cents each. They might as well mark it free. Of course, I filled a basket with notebooks, blank cards and some sea glass for a craft project. I got 44 items for $8.80. Those bins are made for people like me who can.not.resist.

So many cars. We don't have a lot of snow, but this high traffic area is slick and there are some real idiots behind the wheel.

My adorable co-pilot.

Olivia got 5 new Mollies for her tank. She was very particular about which ones she picked out.

I do Pinterest a little (my Internet is really too slow) and decided that for every six pins I would do one of the projects rather than just pin a bunch of guilt (that's what it feels like when I say I should do this, but never do.....). So the girls and I made braided bracelets out of cord and an old t-shirt. See Nosy Mandy?

And Nosy Sophie.

Yep, and Nosy Rusty.

Here's a couple... I made two and the girls each one. Need to measure and glue the magnets on tonight.

Sunday I was not a happy camper. Our local Fox station was showing the Seahawks at noon and Dallas at 4:00 so they chose not to broadcast a game at 9:00 am instead showing cartoons. Do you really think I wanted to watch cartoons instead of Green Bay? No. I emailed the General Manager of the station and let him know what I thought. I'm still angry at the incompetent satellite guys who never got my dish in. I felt a little better seeing Aaron Rodgers on 60 Minutes, but I would have liked to watch him play.

Took that time to grocery shopping with Emily. Apparently, since we are now in the year of the Apocalypse Sam's Club is offering emergency canned food. Have you ever eaten these? Good for 30 years unopened and 10 opened?? Wow.

What's a cart full at Sam's Club run you? This is $510 worth (and we still got a little at Fred Meyer). This is how it is every two weeks plus the runs for milk/bread/fruit. I've been working on cutting our food bill down, but we do feed 7+ three meals a day. Amazing how quickly it is gone.

I think Emily took this photo with my phone. It snowed quite a bit yesterday.

When we got home Olivia and Lucas were going around and around and around.

Nick, Elijah, John, Nick, Andre and Taran (not shown) were snowboarding. They have created a neat space and we are already planning the big improvements for next year. Lift passes to the ski hill are $30+  so this keeps them happy.
 My Nick.
 My Nick.
 I missed Elijah & Taran, but here is Elijah with a snowskate.
 Cars everywhere...trees, too, that need cut up. Lots of stuff. I plowed some and need to finish today. Probably should cut up the trees, too, but I'm not going to. I'm working on my house.
How was your weekend?


Nancy J said...

Olivia and Lucas, what fun you are having . Looked at your weather, as I do every day!!! Keep bundled up in lots of winter gear, Gayle, do you have lovely warm boots like Olivia does? Great fun for the guys on your own hill.Emily, you must be a "dab hand" in grocery shopping, I do like the carton of toilet rolls!! Greetings from Jean.

Holly said...

That canned food sounds grim - what could possibly still be good for 10 years after opening? The amount of chemicals/preservatives that must've been pumped into it...I dread to think!
Happy belated birthday :)