The White House

The White House

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Progress Being Made

After finding the first tree that fell I spotted this one out in the woods. It's a really long tree that will provide a lot of wood.

During the day I cut, haul, charge the chainsaw battery, do something else and then repeat. I sure wish I would have done this all summer. I would have so much wood. Next summer I need to commit to one load a day.

This pile of trees need cut up, too, but I suspect they are mostly rotten. They've been down 8 years now.I will still cut them up and stock pile to burn in the Sledding Hill Bonfires. Do you see the tree down in the woods? Spotted a couple more from here. We could burn wood for a couple of years just from the trees down around our property.

Just to give you an idea... when I say I'm packing buckets of rocks up the stairs to finish a bed this is what I'm taking about. I'm piling them up so you can't see the liner. That drives me nuts. Everyone else in this house thinks it's okay. Are they crazy?? LOL

Those rocks come from here...dug out of this dirt and tossed into a trailer. I haul it over to the concrete where I pressure wash the rock, put it in a 5-gallon bucket, pack it up the stairs and then place them (above). I think this is a 20-foot bed. Right? That's a lot of packing and I'm super excited to say that my husband brought me home a dump truck load (10 yards) of the same rock already washed. Now I just need to figure out where I want him to dump it. :)

Here's his haul on Sunday. About 14-15 loads... I can't remember. Plus he took a load of rock to another house and brought me a load of rock. That's a lot of driving on a man's day off.

These are the rocks Homer was digging out of the pile on Sunday. Hopefully, next summer we'll have a dozer to use. He'll groom the sides of the driveway, lay down fabric and these rocks will line each side as you drive in.

I cleaned out some more garden beds. I'm weird and take before and after photos of everything so bear with me.

Millie is great company and she listens. I'd love to have Sophie out with me, but I know she'd run in the road.

For dinner I sauteed a pepper and onion from my garden with garlic (that wasn't my own because I was too lazy to mince it).

It was added to the sauce with dried cherry tomatoes.

Some steak, corn, cucumber & tomato salad and pasta with fresh parmesean. It was a nice dinner for Homer and I. How was everyone else's meals? I did it like this.... at 3:45pm I made Lucas mac 'n cheese when he got off the bus starving. Olivia had a pretzel with cheese. At 5:00pm I made Nick a cheeseburger, french fries, and corn on the cob. Olivia had fries and Lucas a peanut butter sandwich. At 6:20 Homer and I ate the meal below. At  6:45pm I left to pick up Elijah that I had to wait for until 7:30pm. Came home to cook dinner for him, but he's still mad at me for making him ride the bus and didn't want anything I cooked so he got himself something to eat. Wow... he really showed me! LOL  (As far as the bus goes... you did that to yourself. I gave you a car, paid the insurance, put gas in it and you had one rule.... no passengers because it is the law. He broke it therefore he can't drive therefore he put himself on the bus. But I'm stupid. And wrong. Ug! Teenagers with their dad's anger-stubborn-mentality).
 My last chore was this bed. Isn't that such rich soil? After this photo I added compost and tilled it again. Getting closer to being done with the gardens for this year.

And how often do you think an Alaskan says, "I picked some cantaloupe for dessert, would you like some"?

Not very often.

Okay....6:00am will be here in 5 hours so I've got to run. Hope tomorrow is another great day.


Nancy J said...

Your gravel and the huge stones look great.And that rich soil!!! Is that your own? have you had to add compost? Soil from somewhere else?We have lots of small stones here, it was a river bed many many years ago .Meal times, you have a very extended mealtime hour.....ONE DAY everyone will eventually leave home and you and Homer will be " Just The Two of Us". Greetings from Jean.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You don't give yourself enough credit - you are one awesome mom and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. How many moms do all that kind of work around the house and then make multiple car runs and cook multiple dinners? You rock! Can I come live with you?? :-)