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The White House

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Movin' Rocks!!

I am discovering that while my brain says go-go-go, my body doesn't want to work itself into the ground anymore. I feel like I took two steps backwards yesterday, but at least I got to visit with my husband that I rarely see.

These are trees that were cut down 5 (?) years ago. I've asked Nick to cut them up for a few years now. There were a lot more than this when he started, but the job never quite got done. It's so hard to tell from this photo, but if those were gone and the hump knocked down the kids would have one long sledding hill. While so many other things are more important to our winter comfort, this is important to our winter entertainment. Years go by and then one day the kids are grown. I don't want to miss another year so I started cutting and hauling these trees. Then I got side-tracked by another project. This morning I'm heading out there again. 

I really want all that "stuff" moved before winter sets in so when Spring comes we can rent a dozer and put in the lawn. I don't want to go another year without it and I know if this stuff is still there in the Spring it won't happen. Homer worked on moving the big rocks that we will use to line the driveway. He hauled them down by the chicken coop.

Doesn't hardly look different, but trust me it is. There are a lot of timbers in the piles that we are going to move around by the sledding hill to use for bonfires.

I really wanted to finish my rock project by the vegetable gardens. There's a hump that keeps the water from draining and if it's raining I have a puddle right in front of the door.

There is liner under this whole area, but he dug up this part so we cut a new piece.

Then he moved the rock over with the loader. Look above and below. Do you see the difference? It looks so much nicer. That's gravel versus 3 inches of washed rock. All that rock I hauled with a bucket and a wheelbarrow. It was nice to have the loader move some.  I'll be glad to finish this up this morning. I only have a couple more loads to do, but it got dark and we got tired.... we sat by the fire with Olivia and Lucas for a bit before watching a movie.

Homer's hauling dirt again today. Will The Great Hole every be filled? My shoulders burn from all the raking and shoveling yesterday, but it will be done eventually. Time to run....

Oh.. I forgot to mention Olivia and I made 12 quarts of dill pickles yesterday and finished up the pint of Nasturtium Capers. I guess we did get more done than I thought. :)


Nancy J said...

The Great Hole, washed gravel, hole dug out and levelled, and pickles, a very busy time by all. when the snow falls, can you do anything outside at all?!!!Down here I cannot imagine how your winters are, apart from looking on the net.Olivia, you are such a help in the bottling and pickle department. Cheers from Jean.

Lori Skoog said...

I love the gravel around the raised beds. You are going to end up with some showplace after all the effort you and Homer have put into it.