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The White House

Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Fall Sunday

If you haven't read the post below from last night you really should start there. Lots of Alaska mountain photos from yet another trip to Anchorage for football. 

This...was yesterday. We woke to beautiful sunshine and the promise of accomplishment. Reality tells me I need approximately 2 dozen more of these days to get my yard cleaned up, but who is counting?

Coffee in hand I went to work with my trusty companion.

I began by turning this bed.....
 ...into this bed because I woke up to.....
 ....this rock dumped in my yard. I would like to have it moved by the time it snows. I did not even put a dent it it so that's not happening!! You can read about all the steps and work that went into cleaning up the rhododendron bed on my gardening blog My Alaska Garden. It truly took most of the day.

Homer was guessed it....more dirt for The Great Hole. At lunch I BBQ'd fresh-never-been-frozen moose burgers. Doesn't get much better than that.

I'd like to say Millie was a help...

but really dogs just do this most of the time. :)

Schizanthus are very hardy flowers and this bucket is still hanging in there.

I pulled the grass in this bed and then was adding rocks when the girls caught my attention.

They used my leaf blower to make a pile to play in.

A wind storm quickly rolled in and they were having so much fun.

Emily ran down and threw some on me.

 Those black skies covered us withing a couple of minutes. The rain started and then the power went out for over an hour. That was the end of yard work, but we did play board games by flashlight (why do I not have any candles???) and that was more fun. :)

It's 38* and I am procrastinating. I don't want to go outside anymore. I want to be warm and dry and sew or knit. Soon enough I guess. I'm going to wrap the last of the moose burger and then the girls and I are going to gather summer toys for storage. Won't that be fun, Not!

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Nancy J said...

I would so procrastinate too, in our Celsius thermometer, only 3 degrees!!! Way too cold to be out,moose burgers look so very tasty, is that a bit like our wild venison, with a gamey flavour?? Those rocks are great, but lots of hard heavy work.. hope it all is done by the time you get snow. Fond greetings from Jean, p.s. we have 19C, 56F, almost Tshirt and shorts days.