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The White House

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another Fall Day Gone

Just another day of chores. I wouldn't mind something different. Some fun. Some laughter. I've been told I don't know how to do those things my son. Maybe I don't. I am getting kind of cranky.

I worked on the beds again today. Emptied the trailer full of grass from yesterday into a compost bin and loaded up the richness for these three beds. Everything was tilled in - again.  I also put compost and tilled four of the upper beds.

Jezebel sleeping in the sun.

Grabbing grass clippings I spilled.

It was a beautiful day and up to 61* this afternoon. It made mowing enjoyable.

I hung up my new Fall sign. Claudia & Doug got me the pole and a summer sign as a gift years ago. I need to get more flags for the seasons and holidays.

Can you see the trail from those nasty voles? The grass was long and covered in leaves. That had eaten a little trail from under the chicken coop. Yesterday when I was tilling on of the beds I hit a nest and five scattered. I managed to stomp one, Millie got another and three got away. I have such a huge infestation and I should be more serious about trapping them.They are so destructive.

I finished mowing the bank, the end and started on the corner, but then had to go in to cook my husbands dinner. By the time I got back outside it was getting dark and the sun had gone down. It was cold.

I gave up and went in to help Lucas with reading, Olivia with spelling and Emily with a book report. Tomorrow is another day....maybe that's the one I'll finish on?!! :)


Nancy J said...

I do like your sign, and yes, you surely do have Fall . On Fairbanks weather!!! when I looked now, you might have snow this weekend, with -4C overnight . Is it time to light the fire at night? or in the daytime? Or are you very acclimatised, and this is mild?we have had some really warm days, and now at 9.24 p.m. it is 12C, about 54F outside . Still sharing Hugh's Laptop, so I am now doing my blog later at night. Greetings from Jean.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I love your little snoopy flag! The yard is really cleaning up great.