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The White House

Monday, August 6, 2012

Another Summer Day Gone

Apparently we a destined to have horrible Internet. The "fix" never lasts more that a few hours. Download time is back to being slow. Still waiting for them to come out and work on the upload time. It's really taken the joy out of my computer time.

Yesterday Homer was hauling fill at 9.  I was hauling rocks by 10 (had to read the paper first). I dig them out of the dirt pile, toss into the trailer, dump on the concrete, wash and then pack in a bucket up the stairs to the bed. 

 I had lots of intentions of finishing this area, but whenever the baby comes to visit I seem to stop working. :)

 Cody did break up my pile so today I should be able to get more rocks although my back is killing me. I moved about a dozen of the really heavy ones to the concrete, washed and then moved to the pond. I can barely move now.
 Nick hung out at home with the family, too. Elijah was here some, too, but usually goes to his room to avoid people and work.

I think she looks like she is smiling.

Cody has been welding the re bar to hold the netting over the chicken yard. Nick helped him some last night. Sure will be nice to have this project done.

The kids spent a lot of time in the pool.
Homer, Cody and Nick got the dock in place. It still needs some bracing for bigger kids, but they were having fun.

Seems like I never get to spend any time with my husband so I hopped in the loader with him. No one can bother us there. 

Trudy's dad made it to town and they all stayed for dinner. We grilled salmon. Andrew hadn't been up to take care of his dogs so we tried to. The one pit bull mix he has made mean thinking an attack dog is cool and it almost got Cody's fingers through the cage when we tried to chain it out. Expecting him to be here with his dogs rather than use the motor home as a kennel was asking to much and turned into a big drama scene last night as he got mad at us. We do what we can, but he's been brainwashed into thinking we are the enemy. It's a cycle that's been repeating for years as he bounces from his mom to his dad to his grandparents depending on what he wants, but at 22 it's time for that to stop. I'm not going to let him confuse Olivia and Lucas anymore.... being nice one day and shunning them the next. Step-families are not easy. We're sorry he acted in a huff, but are relieved to no longer have that vicious dog in the yard. We were so afraid of it getting loose and hurting someone.

Well, I'm going to try and move. Hurting pretty bad, but the sun is shining.  Nick got laid off so he's here to help me run Elijah's car to town. Loaning it to a friend for a week which Elijah is going to freak out about when he wakes up. More drama in store for today. :( Life's going to run smoothly when?? And does this happen in every home?


Nancy J said...

Good news from your place, rocks, doggone dog gone!!( pardon the pun), beautiful grandaughter, time together in the cab. and the dock, for the littlies what great fun to hurtle off into the FREEZING water, at least that cold for me down here. Cheers, Jean.

FlowerLady said...

Look at all of your work. It's no wonder your back hurts. The dock looks like a hit with the younger kids.

I'm glad the dog is gone, for your safety.

Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady