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The White House

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wet Wet Wet

Really disgusted with the rain. So much for July being the best month of the year in Fairbanks. It’s just been miserable. In fact, it’s pouring right now.
Olivia and I have been making pickles. Trying new recipes… I hope some of them are good. More than the end product, I love the process and watching my girl cut and measure. She loves to help me harvest and create. I hope she never loses interest.

This morning I made 4 quarts of Crosscut with Honey and 2.5 quarts of Sweet & Spicy. Tonight we made Beer Brine Pickles with beer brewed and bottled in Anchorage, Alaska.
There were 6 quarts of the Sockeye Red IPA and 3.5 quarts of the Kodiak Brown Ale (in the latter I reduced the vinegar and water to make it a stronger beer flavor). I’ve never actually eaten a Beer Pickle, but am tired of making the same old thing. In fact, I’m not even a big pickle eater, but my husband likes them and they are great gifts.
Olivia and I giggled at Dad playing football on the PlayStation. He never plays video games.
This is the Malt Vinegar we found at the store to make Jean’s recipe. It took 4 of these at $4-something apiece to make 5.5 quarts. My husband did the shopping. I wonder if we can find a cheaper malt vinegar here? Is it so expensive in New Zealand, Jean?
Well, Emily and I stacked a bunch of the wood. I wish we would have gotten it all done because now it is just getting soaked. Of course, I keep plugging along at laundry which seems to be never ending. I made the most wonderful rhubarb crisp last night. In fact, Emily and I went to the store at 10:15pm to get vanilla ice cream so we could all have some before bed. I could just live on that stuff, but I imagine it’s full of calories! No other outside work for the last two days. Just to wet.

For tomorrow….
Show you another new addition to our family (yes, I know, I’m crazy)
find the kitchen table LOL
clean the “space” that is to become Elijah’s bedroom so it is ready for construction when the time comes
clean as much of the house as possible ….unless the sun comes out…
then I’ll trim the liner
move some rocks


Nancy J said...

Love the pickles, love your Olivia helping, but the price of your vinegar?? NO!!!, your bottle was 375ml at $4, so you paid $11 compared to my $1.97 for 1000ml, way too much. I go for the supermarket brand, a lot less,I do hope the pickles turn out super good, and Homer will LOVE eating them. Cheers from Jean.

FlowerLady said...

That photo of Olivia helping you is priceless! She's such a happy person, eager to help you in the gardens and with food prepping. Bless her heart.

Those pickles all sound yummy. I am really amazed at what all you can, veggies and jellies. I bet your larder looks wonderful, filled with so much color and so many shapes inside the jars.

Hope you get some sunshiny days again.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Olivia is such a doll and has THE sweetest smile ever. Are ya drinking any of that ale while you are working??

FYI - last year it rained here all spring, summer, and fall. Then we had NO snow all winter and we're having no rain this summer. You may not have a bad winter this year. Your snow shoveling arms and back will be thankful for that.