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The White House

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Visiting Friends

On the home front yesterday was a bust. I cleaned the counter in the kitchen and didn’t get past that. What’s that tell you about the condition of things around here? I spent considerable time finding and printing pickle recipes. I have a lot of cucumbers I need to deal with. Then I blew off baking, watering, stacking, trimming, mowing and bleaching to spend the day with an old friend that I haven’t seen in years who is visiting from Georgia. I should have taken photos all day long, but we were too busy talking. We cruised by the softball fields where we were once a killer team of pitcher (me) and catcher (LaHoya). Made me kind of miss those days, but now the fields are full of young folks (although we are pretty sure as bad as they were we could take ‘em!). :) She’s headed back home today…hope it’s not so many years between visits next time (it’s been ten years? or something like that). (Anyone know how to change the settings on an iPhone to get better shots? Can I? This is very grainy. Edited to add...I googled. Apparently the front camera is a much lower resolution than the back camera. We should have just had someone take our photo.).
When I got home Homer was pushing/compacting his dirt since we had some rain a good portion of the day. And that’s that. Not much else to tell about Monday except I did cancel soccer practice. It was too windy and rainy. Game tonight!
So today I’m already starting slow because I stayed up to late. That’s a vicious cycle that needs to stop! I guess I’ll just keep yesterday’s list and see how I do.
bake something sweet for treats
water with fertilizer
stack some of the wood
trim pool liner
mow the ditch if it isn’t too wet
bleach/rinse some of the starter plant pots (that have been stacked waiting for 1.5 months)


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

How nice to visit with an old friend! Chores will always be there, but visiting friends need attention when they show up. What a nice day for you.

Nancy J said...

Real friends are precious, and forget the list, time together is far better than anything that resembles housework, Homer's patch is looking great, lots of fill there. Cheers from Jean