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The White House

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stupid Move!

Just when you wonder what will happen next,  it happens. I left my big fancy Canon EOS outside last night. It rained. It will not turn on. Football season is around the corner. What will I do?

Speaking of rain that’s how yesterday started so I worked on our home. The laundry room was a nightmare. I had a lot of things stored in the motorhome that Homer’s son moved into because he had no where to live. It all got dumped in the house for me to wash and take care of hence the endless laundry I’ve been doing. For what? It’s really just a repeat of the great dog dumping of 2010.  He’s living somewhere else that he can’t have his dogs so he’s using our motorhome as a dog kennel. He gave his dad false hope that he’d act like family. He stops here once a day to give them food and water. Rudely I might add. I’ve been blamed for years for his mother’s problems and I can take it, but for him to walk by Olivia and Lucas like they are trash undeserving of even a hello shows what kind of man he was raised in to… not by me, I might add. It’s been too many years of this kind of crap and it’s just not how I want to live my life (or how I want them to be treated). Last night my husband said I was mean after a conversation where I said that I expected a certain level of respect to be shown by those who visit my home… sincere or not. If you only knew how I’ve been treated by his “family” you would ask me why I tolerate it. We put up with a lot when we love someone, don’t we? But eventually it becomes enough.

Ug! How whiny of me!!  Anyhow….got that laundry room looking as good as it can considering the floor and walls needed ripped out and re-done long before we ever bought this place. Wish I had a magic remodeling wand.

011   012

Since Em’s not here right now I’ve been tossing the stuffed animals in her room as they get washed. Then the Little People tore up her bed…they are a destructive pair! I figured I better get it all cleaned up for when she comes home tomorrow.

013   015

One of her fish….


Olivia was my little helper  yesterday and we found the kitchen table! We also made 3 quarts of dill pickles then we went outside. Washed and moved a few rocks, weed a bed and watched her swim. Then they helped me wash my truck (which I really dislike doing, but it is fun for kids).


When Homer got home we went down to the neighbors. He dug a hole  to install his water tank and he gave us some leftover lumber that could be used to build bedroom walls some day.




So the whole camera thing is making me sick to my stomach. I can only hope that it will dry out and work again. Taking photos of my kids playing sports is one of the few things I enjoy that I still get to do. Speaking of sports, Lucas’ last soccer games are tonight. I hope the rain stops and it warms up a bit for the little guys. I guess I should get to work on another space in this house. My heart and head are kind of heavy. We are approaching our anniversary and I should be full of joy, but really I’m just  tired of pretending.  The endless drama that plagues this family overshadows the blessings. And another drama-storm is headed this way.


Nancy J said...

Gayle, take out the battery and the other smaller one, the memory one, Dry the battery well, but not by a heater or fire. Let the inside dry, or take it to a camera shop where they can do that . Fresh water is nowhere near as bad as salt water, so after a battery re-install it may be OK. Laundry, wow, what do you do in winter when you cannot get it hung outside??I think some of the family need to take responsibility for their own dogs, clothes, maybe meals>>> Is that such a long shot??And there is no excuse for rude talk. Do you have a deaf ear? Can you turn that way and just not hear any of this? Whatever will help, wish I could do it for you right now. Fond cheers from Jean, grey day here,as I turn another year older.

Not a Granny said...

Try putting the battery in rice? My movie camera was soaked from Tropical Storm Debby and I put it in a bag of rice and it dried out nicely. Even works now. You could also try putting the whole camera into a bag of rice for a few days and see if that helps? (works with cell phones also!!)

Bonnie said...

What about a bag of rice? I have heard of ppl drying out their smartphones after being fully immersed in water and they work.

I will keep you in my prayers for NO MORE DRAMA! Maybe you should play Mary J. Blige's song on high and someone may get

Martha said...

I've always heard leaving electronics in a bowl of uncooked rice (not instant) will pull the water out.

The key is to leave them in there for a full week and NOT to turn them on before that point.

Good luck. I'd bawl if my camera got wet so I feel for you.