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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Rainy Funk

The weather has put me in a funk. Or I should say I’ve LET the rain affect my mood. It was pointed out to me that Alaskans complain more about the weather than anyone… to hot, too cold, to wet, to much snow, not enough snow. A friend made that statement that everyone needs to quit complaining and get out there and start livin’ life. True words. So we are.

Friday Olivia and I had a fire to wander by as we putted around the yard in between rain showers.


I spent two hours cleaning the pool (more on that in another post) and then two hours running the weed whacker all over the property. The grass around those vehicles was a couple feet tall!


We kept the fire going most of the day even though we really didn’t need it with all the sweating we were doing working, but fires are fun.


Can you tell a difference in the grass? Now upteenbazillion toys, shoes and trash! can be seen. I had planned on a Saturday clean-up, but it rained quite a bit so I worked on the inside of my home.


What a disaster…crap everywhere. Last winter Homer hit the stairs with the loader and then never fixed them. Just too many projects going at one time.


I clean in front of the house and stuff gets piled back there. Makes me crazy so I spent a few hours cleaning and stacking wood.


How’s that for a start?



No more tripping going in the front door. LOL I would really like to see the last of this split and stacked along with the 20 other trees that are down and not even cut.


I was sick of these bricks laying around so I buried them so we can stay out of the mud going to the BBQ.


The axle broke on this two summers ago. We’re pretty sure it has something to do with too many Dukes of Hazzard jumps (by Nick) because the shocks are broke, too. It’s been sitting in front of my house in disrepair all summer. Last night Homer finally got it back together and we went for a test drive. Now Nick can drive something with better gas mileage. I was going to see if he’d come home today and clean up the mess, but knew better and did it myself.


Homer bought this ancient machine for the little ones this winter. What a cloud of smoke it makes!


Yesterday was the Golden Days Parade. We braved the rain and went. They cleaned up on candy!


I picked a couple favorites, but if you want to see all 178 photos to see our home town parade you can watch the slideshow below.

Red Green riding a dead possum. Today is the Red Green Regatta where duct tape is fashioned into some kind of floating device. We were going to do it, but the weather kind of dampened our spirits. Cold, wet, windy on the river isn’t fun with little ones so we didn’t make a raft. Wouldn’t you know it…the sun is shining. Figures.


I love all the floozies and their fancy dresses. My favorite part of the parade.



This is the vehicle from Homer’s work. It’s running on wood. The contraption in the back does something with the “smoke” and makes gas.


Those legs and dogs belong to the dog groomer I took Sophie to. I saw how coloring your dogs fur is popular in China (I think). There was another big dog that looked with a tiger (that photo is in the slide show). Don’t think I could do this to her although it really isn’t hurting them.


Olivia has been my big helper the last couple of days and when Emily is home she is, too. The three boys… they are another story. Lazy 1, Lazy 2 and they’ve trained Lazy 3 to follow in their footsteps. That’s okay. The girls and I have more fun without those stinky ole boys anyhow.

We made more pickles. Surprise, surprise.


We cut stakes for the peppers that have fallen over.



Last year they did so poorly I was caught off-guard by this years success.


She is such a hard worker and we have a lot of laughs, too. I love having my side-kick with me.


This is her first time driving the 4-wheeler all by herself.





And this morning…. Homer is back at his Sunday hauling. What a big area!


I’m picking up this and that around the yard. This will be the year that winter does NOT catch me slacking and bury a yard full of crap. The sun is shining and it’s wonderful. I will attempt to mow the wet grass and not get to frustrated. Maybe I can sit awhile and enjoy my flowers that I haven’t seen for days. Time to go find my side-kick…..


Nancy J said...

Loved the slide show of the parade, did it rain heavily? I liked the tractors so much, and the big rig trucks. Well done Olivia, a great helper.How much firewood do you need for the whole winter? We are using a lot more this year, all our friends say the same.Cheers,Jean

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You got so much done! Love the fires - that's one of my favorite things to do. It's too hot and dry at the lake to have one now tho. We haven't had a campfire in a month.