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The White House

Monday, June 18, 2012


Okay…so at some point in the morning I twisted my ankle. Or at least think I did. All I know is it hurts really bad. I hobbled around today. Hauled 10 buckets of rocks to the water fall before I gave up and Nick took over. I shoveled instead. I don’t feel like I accomplished much for what I’m used to and kind of feel like a wimp. I have pain in the bone halfway up the calf. Homer says it’s called  O L D. Hahahaha. Whatever it is, it is swollen and I hope it is gone by morning because I have work to do.

This is the “hole”.


Here are the trees Homer dropped yesterday. Today he pulled them out with the loader.


I’m trying to show you how big this hole is. Check the bottom of the boat and the distance down. Pictures don’t really give you the full idea. It will take a lot of fill.


My man, on Father’s Day, working hard.


Emily helped so much the last two days and we have all the “junk” out of the front. (We hid it behind the house). :)


See the small rocks in the water fall. Nick and I screened rock, washed them, shoveled and hauled. It is now full to the top, but I don’t know where that photo went. We stocked piled some rock and then cleaned the back of Dad’s work truck for a lame Father’s Day gift. (It was gross so we get a little credit).


I love the pool!



Homer hauled 9 loads of fill today. We need four or five (or maybe more) times that to finish, but hopefully he will get it done before it snows so he can put his shop up.


Here’s his special Father’s Day dinner that Emily, Olivia and I made while the basketball game was on. Steak, shrimp, potatoes, garlic tomatoes, spinach stuffed mushrooms and shallots all done on the grill.


This kid is frustrating me to no end. While he is good at this he also sat on his butt while he watched me (hobble) and Nick haul rock. A lazy athlete. Is there anything more frustrating?


Done for the day and pushed in the hole.



Jadyn and Justise came to spend the night. Yipee~~Justise didn’t swim with these crazy girls. It was late!!


What a handsome fellow. (Yes, the girls painted his finger nails and toe nails).


This is what my husband has been doing at work lately. Running the crane putting an ash silo in place.


He also constructed this water cooling system for the furnace that burns paper/cardboard to generate electricity. I don’t know all the specifics, but it is a renewable energy project through the University.


Q & A:

Yes, the trees we cut down will be used to heat the house and (hopefully) the shop.

Daisy will look wonderful (and be happier) when she is naked. Yes, we have a guy up the road that shears sheep and is probably cheap. I’m even cheaper and hate paying someone to do something I can do myself. How dumb is that? I may break down and call him.

The pool is still cold for big people standards, but kids are amazing. They think it is no big deal. I will go in one time this summer on a very hot day maybe after a few drinks with my friend Jen. That’s how it has been the last two years anyhow.

Kim..thanks for recognizing my hard work. I do work hard…or at least as hard as an old fat mom can. :) If it weren’t for having so many kids that need so much of my time I would be an employee any business would want… I do give 100% all the time. Except for today because my ankle hurt…and I haven’t twisted an ankle since high school. So silly.

Oh, and I planted a few more feet of the Zinnia bed (and fertilized the other side of the yard). Forty feet down, 70 to go! Ha!

Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day. My husband is the most wonderful Father in the world to my five kids and they love him. Today, I miss my own Dad just as much as I  have every other day for the last 19 years.  I wish he could see my kids and my yard… he would be proud. Love you Daddy.


Nancy J said...

Your blog shines with every word, and the last are so special.I miss my Dad too, even though I am nearly 72.The answers to the questions are great, now I and so many others know lots more.One more for Homer? What will your shop be for? Will you sell, make things? Work in it? Do welding?Woodwork?I hope it is a HUGE man's shed when finished. Last question? how soon does the snow return? Sorry, 7 questions!!!Cheers from Jean in NZ

FlowerLady said...

You are one hard working lady and wear me out with all that you do. Try to take it easy with that ankle as you don't want to do it more harm.

The dinner you girls fixed for 'dad' looks wonderful and I'm sure he enjoyed it.

He is going to love having his own workshop. DH loves his and we built it ourselves, except for having the concrete floor poured. I love the workshop too.

Have a great week Gayle and 'try' to not work as hard as you do. I'm trying to cut back as there is only so much time in any given day and I would like to relax and rest more. :-) We'll see how that goes.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Lori Skoog said...

Such progress. I recommend that you get your leg up and iced so you can recover a little bit. You made one beautiful father's day dinner! Homer is fabulous, hard working man. Let the guy shear Daisy, save yourself from all the blisters...I've been there and always did my own when we had an angora goat.
Hope you can take a little time to relax.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Your dinner looked amazing!

Janie said...

Your father's day dinner looks great, and the pool looks so cool and fun.
Hope your ankle is feeling better...

Martha in PA said...

Your perseverence never ceases to amaze me!

The dinner looks yummy! Might you be able to share how you make the tomatoes and mushrooms! My vegetarian loves mushrooms and spinach, might be something new to try for her!

Take it easy on your feet! I walked all over NYC on Saturday, came home and walked a couple miles up and down our Main St for a car show, and my feet and legs did not hurt... today after 8 hours on my feet, my ankles feel like they are on fire! GO FIGURE! OLD is it I guess!

Mom on Caffeine