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The White House

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Cannot Lie

even when I want to. Truth is a “curse” I am stuck with. Seriously. Many people don’t like me because I tell the truth. Most of it being something you don’t want to hear.

Tonight I AM TIRED. That’s my truth. Exhausted.

But I’ll blog anyhow.

I took photos of some of the flowers.





Today I planted 95 Zinnia down that bed. Nick helped haul dirt. It’s awesome because I still have a lot of pain in my ankle/leg and couldn’t have done it without him.



He also pulled all the rose bushes out of beds that haven’t been used in a couple of years. Hoping to clean them up and plant tomorrow.


Emily and Olivia had a good time swimming with their cousins Justise and Jadyn.


Picked a cucumber for my niece. I haven’t even eaten one yet. There are a lot out there.


Tisha promised Lucas a game of basketball before she left (from picking up the girls). Only in Alaska can you play ball after 1:00am. Probably the only place that small kids are up after that time as well.








I also coached soccer practice tonight. I won’t lie. I was dead ass tired when I went there, but I pushed them hard for an hour. I definitely should not coach recreational soccer of six and seven years olds. My coaching style is more of that of a competition team of ten and eleven years olds. But they still love me and thank me for my time.

I watered for 2.5 hours after practice and never got to the greenhouse.

My leg hurts, my body is tired and it is almost 2:00am so I’m off to bed to do it again tomorrow. Hard work never hurt anyone. Unless you are named Elijah. Then it is the curse.


Stacy Davis said...

Your leg is trying to tell you to sit down and slow down :) Easier said than done, I know.

Your flowers look amazing..and you have a cuke already??? plants are just little things...I am a month or more away from cucumbers.

I love reading your updates...and seeing what summer looks like in Alaska...and am always blown away that it's still light out at 1am...I get excited when it's still kind of light out at 9 here lol.

Rest that leg, Woman! (I hope it feels better!)

sandy said...

hey gayle,,,speaking of cucumbers,,how did your pickles turn out last year ?? did they get eaten too fast or did they keep well over the winter ??

Patty said...

Lol on the Elijah comment!