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The White House

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Busy Times

Quick catch-up….the sun is shining…got to get outside!!

Thursday I started on the 110-foot bed along the fence. Emily wanted Zinnia’s so that’s what I’m planting.


What was I thinking building this one? So much work!


I’m laying down thick newspaper to try and kill the grass, but I ran out of dirt to cover it so progress stopped. (Picked up a load Friday that waits in my truck for a shovel). Thinking about scavenging for rocks to line the back the the bed as well.


All day every day, rain or shine. :)



I also tackled the bed that is all chickweed. It’s the only bed inside the fence that I took time to put down newspaper. I’m trying to smother the weeds.


The girls packed the last of the dirt out of the barrel in the plant room so I could finish the job.


Nick came back from camping with friends. A few more showed up as we were leaving for soccer. I didn’t take the camera :( and should have. Lucas was amazing in the net the second half diving on every ball without hesitation not allowing any goals. We tied 1-1. I had no substitutes and they just ran out of steam.


Yesterday we picked up the dirt and then made a quick stop on the deck at the Pumphouse. Homer and I go somewhere one-on-one with Emily each week she is here.


Just messing around on the drive home.


We were supposed to cut down trees last night, but ran to the neighbors for apples instead. Three cases! They were tossed because they are “bad”. She gave them to me for the chickens. Shoot… I ate one last night. Yes, some are bruised, but a lot of them are fine. We ended up getting the garden tour and visiting. Nice to not work every night (even if we need to!).

Okay…lots to do. And did I mention the sun is shining? :)


Nancy J said...

Emily, lovely pics, Looks like you are having warm days. Newspaper works so well to keep down the weeds, our daughter did deep layers, soaked to saturation in thick layers before she put them on the garden . and that lasted aboout 4 years under bark.Zinnias are a lovely flower,often used for cut flower arrangements here. Cheers from Jean

Corey~living and loving said...

I always think it is so interesting that you have summer weather before I do. LOL
Emily is stunning these days. ♥

Lori Skoog said...

Glad that you are having some beautiful weather! As usual, you are over ambitious with those humungo gardens. I would like to get rid of some of ours...too hard to maintain them all.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I always used the newspaper also. That usually works really well.