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The White House

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another Rainy Day

It rained until evening yesterday so it was another day of cleaning house which I didn’t bother to photograph. Unless you notice the little things it’s still a big mess. I tried “assigning” a small area to a kid to clean. It worked, but should have assigned a dozen small areas to each child. LOL
Olivia wanted to pick petals for jelly and was impatiently waiting for it to stop raining. We finally gave up and got the first batch in the rain!
Emily came home yesterday and we went out to get more petals. This time there was a break in the drizzle. They’ve been cleaned and now we need to boil for juice and make jelly.
Elijah got in about 6 hours of community service in the rain. He was miserable. Is it wrong that I'm okay with that? Got him a pair of shoes afterwards as he was basically walking in his socks. The girls and I picked out some fish for each of the four tanks. (Olivia and I cleaned tanks yesterday and changed filters...maybe I'll remember to take photos today). Picked up Pectin for the jelly. By the time we were done running errands I'd had enough. Shopping isn't my most favorite activity especially with my kids of many personalities.

My Nick. Jobless and carefree enough to not be concerned. Good thing I love him so much! :) Yesterday he went fishing/camping with the other Nick. Outfit complete with a scrap piece of mosquito netting covering his face. What a nut. Homer met him at the store and said he came in wearing his rubber boots and bib pants. They still had a 40+ mile drive, but he was ready!
Last night was less than productive. We had to see one neighbor about using our backhoe next week and another neighbor was using it last night. Nothing accomplished here, but my husband thanked me for the nice evening. I wish every night he could relax like that. My niece Jadyn came to spend the night. We were up too late and I am getting a slow start today. Oh well. Such is life.


Nancy J said...

Petal Jelly? that is a new one for me? Great fishing gear, will it keep off sandflies, mozzies or whatever else you get up there?Cheers from Jean

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I cannot wait to hear about the jelly. Pics please! I have to agree with you, it's too bad Elijah had to do the community service in the rain, but maybe he learned something by that. My son Tony committed himself to a 3 week painting project. Yesterday he moaned about how awful it was and how its the worst job he's ever done. I told him to suck it up and I expect him to do the best job he can. He made the commitment and he's going to see it thru. Sometimes moms just gotta roll that way, right?