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The White House

Friday, March 2, 2012

Where Are The Photos?

I’m in a photo-taking slump again. Shoot, I’m in an everything slump! I haven’t accomplished a whole lot of anything the last two days. Unless you count being a Laundry Queen. The baskets are empty and as soon as there is enough for one load I’m all over it. Last week was a nightmare catching up!

Elijah was home again yesterday so I took him in for a strep test, it was negative and he just has a sore throat that he’ll have to deal with until it goes away. We stopped by the DMV to get a replacement permit and he drove home. Teens + Driving = Freaked Out Mom. We have ice on our roads and big moose…. I do not like being passenger to a 16-year old. He’ll be taking a driving course soon and that will make him very happy.


I coached Lucas’ soccer practice last night as the coach is out-of-town. It is confirmed that I still don’t like other people’s children. One kid was such a mouthy disrespectful little brat that I told his mother she could get off the bleachers and work with him herself because he doesn’t listen and I wasn’t dealing with it. And she did. After that practice was alright. It’s kind of hard stepping in and coaching someone else’s team. Especially when the kids are 5, 6 and 7. They don’t respond to change that quickly. It’s like being a substitute teacher…and we all know how the kids treat them! I’ll do the game on Saturday and then the last practice. Coach Nathan will be back for the last game.

Rusty has a death wish and it’s very frustrating. (Sandy…maybe he should come live on the farm with you before he gets killed!) He squeezed himself under the gate to the dog yard and ran in the road. As I was running down the driveway to get him and the busload of kids was watching, the POS neighbor came flying up his driveway and tried to run him over with his truck. His heart must truly be made of stone. Although I’m sure they are out there, I’ve never encountered a more miserable evil human than him. I’ll have to start putting his antics on YouTube for the world to see. Bad Horrible Human.

Okay…I’m going to do something today. I really am. (Yesterday I watched Fireflies in the Garden instead of cleaning). What are you doing today?


Janie said...

I agree, teen drivers are scary. I breathed a sigh of relief when my kids finally got old enough to have a little better judgment. You'll be there one day.
Poor Rusty! He needs to stay away from the crazy neighbor.

RottenMom said...


I don't like other peoples children much either!