The White House

The White House

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Emily’s Home!!

“Doing what I do best.”


“Oh, bright lights! Did you have to use a flash?”


“I know you want to hold me, but I just.can’t.crawl.that.far.”


“Yes, I borrowed a few of your things. I like to keep my humans close”.


Emily is home!! Yay!! She liked the stairs so much she set up camp on them bringing a rug out of her room and snuggling in with blankets. Goofy kid.


There’s the temporary railing I talked about. Just something to keep me from falling off the edge. We still have work to do, but we don’t mind. They are wonderful!!


Olivia had a play yesterday. She had some pretty serious anxiety this week and even threw a fit not wanting to get on the bus. And she did fine.


They sang about five songs about Alaska and our country.


Then they did a play about vegetables. She was Breanna Broccoli.



Her friend, Joey, who is next to her is deaf. There are also several other hard-of-hearing students in the class. In fact, our school has the districts deaf program (I think) so all our students are exposed to sign. (She is signing ‘vegetable’).


A class of veggies.


Such a happy girl with her friend, Ayla.


Nick did video for Homer since he missed her first play and Emily came from class to watch. All we were missing was Elijah, but he was at school. He missed Tuesday home sick so I didn’t want to take him out early. Turns out he probably shouldn’t have gone back to school anyway and is home sick today again. My kids…all sizes, shapes and personalities….I sure do love them although we’ve all decided we’d love each other even more if we lived on the beach. :)


Okay…yesterday was a bust. I made half a tub of potting soil and then we were off to the school. When we got home it was Em’s first day back so I didn’t do anything around the house. I have to get a move on today!! How about Survivor?!! We were all thrilled Matt got sent home. He’s a jerk. You can be competitive, sneaky, lie (it’s part of the game), but arrogance doesn’t work. And how about those girls? If I were the guys I would have let them freeze and have no sleep. Giving them fire may be what led to them winning the challenges. Stupid move on their part. (We are currently cheering for the guys…the girls are annoyingly whiney).


Lori Skoog said...

I am so glad that you now have interior stairs. You all must be thrilled!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That area underneath the stairs would be a great spot for storage shelves. My dad did that when we were kids and made a huge pantry out of the area.

Arizaphale said...

The veggie play reminds me of my years as a primary teacher. Such fun! And love our crazy girl camped out on the new stairs. So sweet.