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The White House

Friday, March 23, 2012

Rollin’ Along

Alternately titled I Hate Selfish People. Alternating titled Being An Ass Won’t Garner Their Love.

If every one put the other guy first we’d all be happy.

Courts and Construction are two of the most depressing words to me right now. I’d just like to be on the other side of this phase in our lives. A phase that has been dragging on far too many years.

I’ve been busy running and I think this will be the new normal. Or really (back to) our old normal. The boys in my home keep me jumping. They always have.

Elijah had two days at home with headaches. One really bad. There was a football meeting for the parents. The new head coach talked and talked and talked. And then talked to me about Elijah. So did one of the assistant’s. The assistant had a head injury, coma and 4 weeks in the hospital at 14. He said his headache’s lasted for three years. I’ll take that as good news they might not last the rest of his life. Elijah’s had baseball tryouts from 7:00 to 9:00pm at night this week. Cuts will be made after batting practice tonight (in the gym as we still have several feet of snow). I would be shocked if he was cut. There’s also 6:00am football he hasn’t been going to, but will start on Monday. Up at 5:00am followed by late baseball practice is going to make for long days.   I’ve also been doing driving practice with Elijah. Notice how busy Elijah keeps us?

Lucas had his last soccer practice. Last game tomorrow. He will be activity free until June when outdoor soccer starts followed (and over lapping with) football (and I’m sure if he would fit baseball in there he could).

I’ve been weaving, poking, twisting and rolling Nick’s dreads trying to get them looking good (for lack of a better word). Tried to get Emily to help me. She wouldn’t touch them. I don’t blame her. I kind of feel like a Mama Gorilla. You get the idea.

The girls are easy. Olivia had Girl Scouts and Emily has a new passion for fashion. We are collaborating to design clothes. (That sounded important! ha-ha…. she’s getting some supplies to draw designs and then we are going to attempt to make our own patterns and sew them. Sounds easy. It will be hard. Probably impossible. I’ll be doing this with her in my endless free time).

I really enjoy watching this boy and will miss it. He is my Elijah all over again. God help me.


Aren’t the skies beautiful? The rest of the photo not so much.


I am behind in gardening and house keeping, but isn’t that my normal?


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You don't even get a chance to stop and catch your breath, do you?

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

If it makes you feel any better our gas is 4.39 here in CA.