The White House

The White House

Monday, March 12, 2012


I have truly the slowest Internet service in the Northern Hemisphere and I could scream!! I totally spaced “The Good Wife” tonight as we were working on the house. I’m now trying to watch in on my computer, but can only do so in 20-30 second increments and it has restarted twice so far! I imagine Elijah and his Xbox and Nick and his laptop weren’t helping the situation so I shut those off. My Nook as well. Now it must be the kids down the road sucking it all up. 

Emily helped with clean-up so we could start working on walls. Remember the big disaster?


Much better!


A little story….see Lucas’ fish tank through that door way in the corner of the room?


When I did a 180* you can see Nick’s door on the right. See the sliver of green?


If I step inside his door you can see a sweatshirt on the floor by the wall. Under that sweatshirt he found the crab. You know…the one that was in Lucas’ tank, but disappeared!! O.M.G. In a fairly straight line that is 51 feet. Who knows where else that thing went before it dried out and died. Never again. The guy at Wal-Mart said they find them way in the back of the storage room all the time.


These are the spare boots my husband likes to keep around just in case someone needs to borrow a pair. Seriously?


The giant monstrous light that was over the island way back when this was still a kitchen. It came down today and went to the dump.


A wall will be built along the left side of the stairs.


I can see this all closed in as Elijah’s new room. Can’t wait! :)


Emily, Olivia and Lucas set up all kinds of tents. They were really busy today.


The false corner came out. In front of that was where the stove was. Remodeling is definitely far more work that building from scratch. A lot of planning and surprises…and a lot slower. So expensive, too. Have you been to a hardware store lately? Ug!


Somehow Sophie’s hair got really long really fast. Saving you the details let’s just say she had a messy bottom that required a lot of scrubbing. So very thankful for my husbands help on that… I’m weak with that sort of thing.  After three shampoos and a conditioning I then did some trimming. I quickly realized is going to be impossible. I need to find her a groomer. It took her about two hours before she would come anywhere near me. I definitely want her to be cleaned up and mad at someone else!


I decided to trim the hair above her nose so she could see rather than let it grow out. It gets too gunky from her eyes and is easy to wipe when it is short.



Nancy J said...

Well, once the alterations are done it will be so good.I am off to live in a tent for 2 weeks, will have to do my posts when I get back as no internet or phone where we go,Pureora Forest Park in the middle, slightly west of the North Island.I can see withdrawal starting at the very thought of no blogs to read, no comments to be written.our wonderful Janet will be here to look after all at home, the garden and cats, we are so lucky. Cheers from Jean.

Bonnie said...

As always you are super busy. How exciting to be working on the new rooms!!! Is the yogurt difficult?

Janie said...

You've always got so many projects going, Gayle!
Funny story about the crab. Who would have guessed it would travel so far?